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Manually Dim your Calrad LED Lighting Strips

March 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Calrad 92-342 12V Inline LED Dimmer Switch for Calrad 2-Wire and 4-Wire LED Light Strips, WhiteThe Calrad 92-342 12V Inline LED Dimmer Switch allows you to dim the Calrad 92-300 Series of LED lighting products! Simply plug this attractive and easy-to-use LED dimmer switch into a 12V adapter at one end and your lighting source at the other. A Female 2.1mm Coax Barrel Connector to Screw Terminal Adapter is included, allowing you to turn the barrel connection output of the controller into screw terminals, ideal for hardwiring directly to your lights. Whether it is accent lighting or cabinet lighting, this controller can be used as an on/off switch or as dimmer, which is achieved with a smooth turn of the rotary dial on the sturdy white plastic housing. This switch features full on and off capabilities, along with everything in between, making it a flexible and useful accessory.
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Control Your Security System from up to 500 Feet Away

March 2, 2012 Leave a comment

SkylinkHome PR-318S Remote Controllable Plug-In Dimmer with Security Repeater, 300 WattsSkylinkHome’s PR-318S was designed to operate a 300 watt load at 120 volts of alternating current (120VAC) for either incandescent or CFL bulbs. This plug-in dimmer with built in repeater can be paired to a max of 16 transmitter controllers. To use this device simply plug the PR-318 into an ordinary AC outlet, then plug in the device you wish to control. Once this has been done you will need pair the plug-in dimmer to a transmitter controller using the programming instructions in the owner’s manual. After the device is properly installed and programmed you will be able to wirelessly turn on and off, or dim and brighten lights powered by the plug-in from a variety of SkylinkHome transmitters. This dimmer can also convert your transmitter’s signals to operate a Skylink Total Protection Security System, Skylink Home Smart Center, or Skylink AAA+ Home Smart Center. Add more wireless hand-held remote controllers, or motion sensors to your system for flexibility, security, and comfort.

  • No installation
  • Can convert transmitter commands to control Skylink security systems
  • On/Off and Dimming Function
  • Works with incandescent and dimmable CFL bulbs
  • 3 operating modes
  • Wireless 500 foot range
  • Use of built-in repeater optional
  • Countdown timer

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Simply and Easily add the Convenience of a Light Switch to Any Outlet In Your Home

February 5, 2012 Leave a comment

GE 52149 Handy Switch, Plug-In Toggle-Style Load Controller, White
Perfect for hard-to-reach lamps and small appliances G.E.’s 52149 Handy Switch allows you to plug in a device to be switched right at the outlet. You will enjoy the benefits of lower energy consumption and the convenience of not having to plug in, and unplug your favorite lamps or appliances. Featured on the Handy Switch is an outlet which is ready for both grounded and polarized plugs, as well as a toggle switch for controlling the attached load. There is no programming needed for this switchable load controller and the installation couldn’t be easier. Simply plug the device you wish to control into the Handy Switch. After, you will plug the Handy Switch into a convenient, standard, 120VAC outlet. Then, installation is complete and you are ready to test the Handy Switch.

The Handy Switch allows the user to switch devices that usually remain plugged in, but have no switch of there own. Even devices that do have switches (i.e. televisions and other home theater equipment) will consume less energy when switched by the Handy Switch. This is due to low level energy consumption that is occurring while you think the television is off, because it is still plugged in. When a device like a television is switched off by the Handy Switch, no voltage is allowed to flow through the televisions circuitry, preventing that low level energy consumption. Another great use for this device is seasonal lighting, as in switching Christmas lights or lighting decor. This device does not require programming, new wires, or batteries. Read more

Convert Outdoor Incandescent, CFL, and Halogen Lighting into Automatically Motion Controlled Lights

January 21, 2012 Leave a comment

AmerTac OMLC3BC-4 Outdoor Screw-In Motion Activated Lighting Control, 150-WattsGive your home added security and safety by adding automatically activated, motion based lighting controls. This screw-In, 150-Watt, outdoor, motion detecting lighting controller will automatically and appropriately turn On” your outdoor/security/perimeter lighting whenever motion is activated. It uses a built-in photocell to determine whether the outdoor lighting is needed. If it is dark enough to require lighting, the bulb will be energized when motion is detected, then will be turned “Off” after ten minutes of inactivity within the detection area. Motion will be detected up to 25-feet away from the sensor and can be mounted at a height ranging from 8 to 18 feet providing the user flexibility for installation. The motion detector attaches to the screw-in adapter using a ball-and-socket style, swivel mount. A swivel mount also provides flexibility during installation by allowing the sensor to be fully adjusted left, right, up and down; directing the detection pattern to wherever it is needed. Compatibility with almost every type of bulb (Works with CFL’s, incandescent, and halogen), allows you to use this with any outdoor/security/perimeter lighting you already have around the home. Read more

Maintain Full Indoor Light Control of Your Incandescent Lights

January 19, 2012 Leave a comment

AmerTac CL11LC 300W Indoor Light Control

  • Turns incandescent lights on at dusk, off at dawn
  • For use with indoor table or floor lamps
  • Plugs into standard wall outlet
  • Incandescent bulbs only, 300 Watts Max

The AmerTac CL11LC 300W Indoor Light Control offers a measure of safety, security, and convenience by automatically turning your light on at dusk, and then off at dawn. It can simulate home occupancy to deter intruders. Or make sure you never come home to a dark house again – no more fumbling for the light when you first enter your home. Simply plug the control module into any standard wall outlet (near a source of natual light) and plug the desired lamp into the control module.

A photocell tells the connected lamp when sunlight begins to wane and automatically turns on your light. Then, when the sun comes up again, the photocell will turn off your light. You’ll save money on electricity bills, since your light won’t accidentally remain on during the day when it is not needed. And since the photocell works based on light detected, you won’t have to manually make seasonal adjustments. Read more


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