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Keep Pest Birds from Landing and Roosting on Your Property

August 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Bird-B-Gone MMBS600 Bird Spider - 6 Foot Diameter




  • Stainless steel arms bounce and sway with even light breezes to keep arms moving so birds won’t land anywhere within close proximity
  • Eliminates costly and time-consuming cleanup of bird waste
  • Maintenance free with no assembly required
  • Can be moved from location to location



Keep large pest birds off your patio furniture, rooftops, boats, and much more with the Bird Spider. The unit is comprised of a UV protected polycarbonate base with stainless steel arms. When the arms bounce and sway, it creates a visual distraction zone that birds will not want to go near. While the arms are flimsy and designed to move with any kind of wind, the base remains sturdy and stable to keep the unit upright. Easily install the unit without any kind of assembly. Pair the Bird Spider with interchangeable bases to use them on rooftops, boat decks, canopies, etc. The Bird Spider can also be glued down as a permanent deterrent to those pesky birds. You’ll be able to keep your outdoor areas clean and bird-free without using power for ultrasonic devices or harsh chemicals and toxins.

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Catch and Relocate the Whole Colony of Mice with a Single Trap

July 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Advantek 20030 Multi-Catch Mouse Trap





  • Humanely remove small rodents from your property
  • Hinged bottom lets you easily release mice into another area
  • No toxic poisons, messy glues, or corpses to clean up and dispose of
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel lets you use it again and again



Because of their smaller size and craftiness, mice and other small rodents have to ability to find their way into your house, crawling through cabinets, into closets, even on your beds and couches. While effective, poisons may not be ideal for households with small children or pets. Mice can often catch on and outsmart glue traps and snapping mouse traps. This steel trap features a cage design that lets mice in but not out.

Simply place the bait inside the trap and wait for the unwanted critters to enter through the top of the cage. At 10 inches high, the ceiling of the cage will be too high for them to crawl out of once they fall in. The cage is big enough to house many mice – the whole colony, if needed. You won’t have to worry about checking multiple traps set around the house and property. The trap acts a holding cell until you are ready to relocate and release. Simply unhinge the bottom trap to let them out and you’ll be ready to catch the next round of mice.

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Get Rid of the Pests and that Mess!

July 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Bird-B-Gone MMNN02 No Nasty Nest Swallow and Bat Prevention

The Bird-B-Gone MMNN02 No Nasty Nest Swallow and Bat Prevention solution is a low-profile, virtually invisible deterrent for nesting swallows and bats. It is affordable and easy to install – two strips are included and mount in an instant using the adhesive backing (there are also pre drilled holes for nailing the section in). It will reduce the time you spend cleaning swallow and bat dropping off of your property and are a humane, non-harmful repellant to the birds. The hanging lines on the strips effectively block access to nesting sites that the birds and bats often use, and because they won’t want to find their way through the strips, they will simply move onto a spot that is easier for them. Clear mono-filament sections are hung from a clear plastic plate and are typically installed under eaves overhangs, gables or on the sides of homes and buildings to prevent the mud nests from building up.

<a href=""Bird-B-Gone“>

Swallows are often a nuisance in suburban areas as they build their mud nests that damage and deface the outer walls and eaves of residences and office buildings. Swallow feces often end up on the sides of buildings and the ground below from the colony of birds in residence. Building owners report extra clean up costs and concern over slip and fall liability from swallow dropping buildup, plus an unclean, dirty company image. The bacteria, fungal agents and parasites found in swallow droppings and nests can carry a host of serious diseases, including histoplasmosis, encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis, toxoplasmosis and more.

<a href=""Bird-B-Gone“>

  • Designed for under eaves, overhangs and gables installation
  • Adhesive backing for easy attachment
  • Works on swallows and bats
  • Humane

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Maintain a Clean and Healthy Environment and Reduce Bird Damage

June 6, 2011 Leave a comment

Bird-X SP-10-NR Polycarbonate Bird Spikes, 10 Foot Strip

  • Most Effective: Physical barriers like spikes are the most effective way to keep birds away
  • Flexible Base: Spikes can be installed on curved surfaces
  • Inexpensive: Polycarbonate plastic bird spikes are less expensive than metal alternatives
  • Installs Easily: Nail, Glue, or Tie
  • Clear: Transparent polycarbonate material blends with surroundings: great for high-profile areas
  • Long-Lasting: Polycarbonate plastics won’t corrode or decay. These spikes can last a lifetime
  • Continuous Operation: Repels birds 24/7
  • Maintenance-Free: When installed properly, no ongoing maintenance is require

Bird-X polycarbonate plastic bird spikes are used on buildings and structures worldwide to eliminate the roosting and nesting surfaces of pest birds. Birds avoid landing on spikes as humans avoid walking on a bed of nails. These spikes are not lethal, just extremely irritating, intimidating, and uninviting. Polycarbonate spikes are clear and lightweight and provide a low-profile method of keeping birds off your property. Read more

Keep Rats and Roaches Away with this Pest Repeller Night Light

April 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Viatek PR60C Pest Repeller Night Light with Ultrasonic and Electromagnetic Technology

Are you tired of seeing the rat and mouse tracks around your home? Do you cringe when friends and family come over because you don’t know if a roach will run across the floor or counter? If so, it’s time to get this pest control repeller. Viatek engineered this product with electromagnetic technology and ultrasonic sound that will activate once it is plugged in. It’s “Intelligent Sweep Technology,” will start scanning the walls of your home and send out a signal that will create a hostile environment for any pest to live in. This pest repeller doubles as a night light and only uses 7.5 watts of energy. To achieve the best results, you should use at least one of these pest repellers per room or at least two per floor in your home.
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