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Infrared Beam Detects Approaching Pet and Activates Sliding Door to Open

November 28, 2012 Leave a comment

The IR Pet Motion Sensor, 2 Pack is for those with an existing AutoSlide™ system who want to upgrade it to work with their pets as well. The set works in unison with an AutoSlide door to give your pets the convenience of being able to open a sliding door or screen on their own and thus not have to rely upon someone else to let them out. Included are 2 infrared (IR) motion sensors which are hardwired into an existing AutoSlide for power. Each motion sensor should be installed next to the sliding door at roughly chest height of the pet with one sensor inside and the other outside. Upon detection the IR sensor will open the door and allow your pet to come and go freely without relying upon you. Each AutoSlide system can be set to manual mode or have pet mode turned off for the times you do not want your pet to freely come and go as they like.

  • IR pet motion sensors trigger sliding door to open for pet
  • Program door to only open enough to suit the size of your pet
  • Pet receives easy access in and out of home without assistance
  • Add-on accessories for existing AutoSlide systems

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Sensor Detects a Presence, Automatically Turns Lights On And Off

August 20, 2012 Leave a comment

Product Title (In box)

  • Ideal for monitoring large house fronts as well as external corners
  • Coverage area may be customized with supplied snap-on shrouds
  • Equipped with two highly sensitive infrared detectors
  • Simple wall mounting installs in minutes

On…off…on…off…on…off..on/off..on/off..on/off, that’s what I’d be doing with my Wall Mount Outdoor Occupancy Sensor from Steinel America as I turn on and off a light with the power of my jumping kills. This neat-o sensor installs on to a wall and basically senses when something or someone occupies the area at which the sensor is sensing. Get what I’m saying? Here’s an example: You have a dark area in your house, let’s say…your basement (where all the monsters hide). When you go into said basement you don’t have to worry about flipping a switch or pulling some old chain to turn on a light. The sensor senses you and then automatically turns on a light thus helping you see as well as keeping those basement-monsters at bay. When you exit the area which the sensor is sensing, the light will automatically turn off. Its 240° coverage area and up to 40 feet of reach assures that the light will go on and off at reasonable distances while the UltraEYE lens provides 304 switching zones which allows for incredibly accurate motion detection. This unique sensor will adjust to temperature changes so it maintains sensor consistency, it’s “raintight” for outdoor use (can be used indoors as well), has built in surge protection, and provides ways of fine-tuning the sensor for optimum functionality. It saves energy too; no longer will you “forget” to turn off that light because the sensor will do it for you. Sweet! Read More

Solar Powered Motion-Sensing Light Adds Security Without Wasting Energy

July 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Sunforce Products 86318 Solar Security Light with Remote

Security Lighting can be easily added to your home and does not have to involve expensive installations and a hefty increase in your electric bill. With the Sunforce Products 86318 Solar Security Light with Remote you can help keep your home and family safe using the sun’s free solar energy. This solar powered light is automatically activated when its attached sensor detects motion nearby. It has a hassle free installation process that requires no wiring. Easily mount the security light with its included mounting brackets or use the included ground stake to set the light up in your yard or garden. Both the solar panel and 2 independent LED lights are capable of rotating 360° to ensure that light is provided where needed and that the solar panel can receive optimum sunlight. The Solar Security Light is also able to be controlled via its included IR remote control. This remote control has a working distance of up to 20 feet allowing you to have total control over all of the security lights abilities. The Solar Security Light with Remote is water and weather resistant. Each light contains 5 white LEDs making 10 total LEDs when both are fully lit. Using the remote you have the option of adjusting the light output of each to use only 3 of its 5 LEDs.

Hands-On Research
I sampled the product for a week with no issues. It took about a day’s worth of sunlight to charge the battery up before it was able to function at night. Plastic frame makes it light and easy to move around or mount but at the same time makes me curious as to durability 6 months down the line. However, Sunforce helps alleviate the durability questions by providing a one (1) year warranty on the product. The lights worked great each night tested so I know the solar panel was doing its job successfully. The remote was a fun added feature to the security light and helps make adjustments easy when mounted. I wouldn’t recommend this light for a heavy duty application but for added security on a side yard, front yard or porch I think this light would work great.
Jason T – Smarthome employee

      • Solar powered
      • Solar panel can rotate 360°
      • 2 adjustable 360° rotating spotlights
      • Remote for hands free operation
      • Mount on a wall or put it in your yard with ground stake

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This is a Watchfull Eye that Protects Your Home at Night

April 11, 2011 Leave a comment

Homebrite EW-1 Solar Powered Eyewatch Motion Sensor Alarm

Homebrite EW-1 Solar Powered Eyewatch Motion Sensor Alarm

Product Essentials:

Don’t go to bed tonight wondering what will happen if someone breaks into your home! You can protect your home and family with this solar powered motion sensor alarm. The Eyewatch is a motion detector which will sound its own sirens, flashing lights and even vocal warning intruders when it is activated. This product will not send your electricity bill any higher than it was yesterday or two weeks ago because it is solar polar powered and does not require any additional wiring. This is a weatherproof durable motion sensor that you will not have to remember to turn on or off because it will do it on it’s own at dawn and dusk. And if you don’t want it to be activated there is a button for a “silent mode” that you can push as well.

  • Weather proof for outdoor use
  • Has loud siren that will scare intruders away
  • Turns on and off automatically at dawn and dusk
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    *Since we strive to provide you with the lowest prices, prices are subject to change.

    Energy-Efficient LED Light that Automatic Illuminates Dark Areas for Safety

    April 10, 2011 Leave a comment

    Fulcrum 20031-107 6 LED Wireless Motion Sensor Indoor/Outdoor Porch Light

    Fulcrum 20031-107 6 LED Wireless Motion Sensor Indoor/Outdoor Porch Light, Bronze

    Product Essentials:

    The Fulcrum 20031-107 6 LED Wireless Motion Sensor Indoor/Outdoor Porch Light features a blend of special LED and lens technologies to create better and move useable light. This porch light is equipped with six LEDs, and it is designed for indoor or outdoor use. It can detect movement within a 25-foot range and at a 100-degree angle to provide instant security to any area in or around your home. The light also rotates so its cool, bright white light can illuminate all dark areas. To preserve battery power, photocell technology prevents the light from turning on during the daytime. The Porch Light requires no hardwiring and comes with all necessary mounting hardware. It runs on four C batteries (sold separately).

  • Motion-sensor LED for automatic indoor or outdoor illumination
  • Bright LED panel rotates within 100-degree to cover 25 Feet
  • Photocell technology prevents light from turning on during daytime
  • Fast, easy installation without cords or wires
  • Energy-efficient LEDs extend battery life
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    *Since we strive to provide you with the lowest prices, prices are subject to change.


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