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Handheld Magnifier that Gives You a Sharp Distortion-Free View

August 25, 2010 Leave a comment

Carson Optical SG-14 SureGrip Handheld Magnifier

The Carson Optical SG-14 SureGrip™ is a 2x power handheld magnifier with an ergonomically designed soft-grip handle for the ultimate in comfort. Its crystal-clear acrylic lens gives you a sharp distortion-free view, and a 10x high-power spot lens allows you to see even the finest details with ease. This Magnifier is a great low vision aid and assists in reading small print. The SureGrip Magnifier comes with a soft-padded zipper pouch to protect both lenses.

  • 2x Power Handheld Magnifier
  • Crystal-Clear Acrylic Lens
  • 10x High-Power Spot Lens
  • Sharp Distortion-Free View
  • Soft-Grip Handle for the Ultimate Comfort
  • Price: $10.61
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    Flexible Clamp-On LED Lighted Magnifier

    August 21, 2010 Leave a comment

    Carson Optical AM-20 LED Attach-A-Mag Magnifier

    The Carson Optical AM-20 LED Attach-A-Mag Magnifier is a fully adjustable, flexible arm, hands free LED lighted magnifier with a clamp-on base that attaches to most tabletops. Its large 2x power lens and super-bright LED lights provide a bright, sharp, and crystal-clear images. Operates on three #386(SG12) button cell batteries (included). The lighted Attach-A-Mag is great for reading fine print, ideal for hobbies, model building, small electronics, and perfect for fly-tying.

  • LED Lighted Magnifier
  • Fully Adjustable with Flexible Arm and Hands Free
  • Clamp-On Base Attaches to Most Tabletops
  • Large 2x Power Lens
  • Ideal for Reading Fine Print, Hobbies, Model Building, Small Electronics and Fly-Tying
  • Price: $13.46
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    Great Low Vision Aid and Assists in Reading Small Print

    August 20, 2010 Leave a comment

    Carson Optical RM-77 Rectangular LED Lighted RimFree Magnifier

    The Carson Optical RM-77 Rectangular LED Lighted RimFree™ Magnifier is a 2x power magnifier with bright white LED’s and an ergonomically designed soft-grip rubber handle. It boasts a rimless, crystal-clear rectangular acrylic lens that gives you a sharp distortion-free view. This magnifier is a great low vision aid and assists in reading small print. At only 5.7 oz the Lighted RimFree Magnifier is lightweight and comfortable to use for a long period of time. The Lighted RimFree Magnifier comes with a soft case to protect the lens when not in use.

  • Rectangular Lighted RimFree Magnifier
  • 3x Power Magnifier
  • Bright White LED’s
  • Rimless Crystal-Clear Acrylic Lens
  • Great Low Vision Aid
  • Price: $10.62
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    Three Lens in One Magnifier for Your Hobbies

    August 18, 2010 Leave a comment

    Carson Optical HM-30 3-in-1 LED Lighted Hobby Magnifier

    The Carson Optical HM-30 3-in-1 LED Lighted Hobby Magnifier has crystal clear acrylic lenses and two super-bright LED lights ensuring a crisp, bright-magnified image. The base stand allows you to use as a free standing magnifier while the adjustable neck strap allows you to use hands free. To use, simply select from the three lenses included and snap the lens into the base stand. Press the release button to remove the lens and select a new one. The Hobby Magnifier can be used for needlework, crafting, hobbies or even reading. Remove the lens for use as a booklight. Uses AAA batteries (not included).

  • LED Lighted Magnifier
  • Crystal Clear Acrylic Lenses
  • Two Super-Bright LED Lights
  • Base Stand Use as a Free Standing Magnifier
  • Adjustable Neck Strap to Use Hands Free
  • Remove Lens for Use as a Book Light
  • Price: $29.94
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    Oversized Magnifier lets You Explore Anything Found in Nature

    August 18, 2010 Leave a comment

    Carson Optical HU-20 BigEye Kid's Magnifier

    The Carson Optical HU-20 BigEye™ Kid’s Magnifier has a 5″ over-sized viewing lens and is likely the biggest of any hand-held magnifier available! The Carson Magnifier may be oversized yet it is still lightweight thanks to its high quality crystal-clear acrylic lens. The BigEye Magnifier has an outdoor green color for a sleek and stylish looking magnifier. The BigEye is perfect for viewing just about anything – including insects, rocks, foliage or anything found in nature.

  • Kid’s 5″ Over-Sized Magnifier
  • Biggest Hand-Held Magnifier Available
  • High Quality Crystal-Clear Acrylic Lens
  • Perfect for Viewing Insects, Rocks, Foliage, or Anything Found in Nature
  • Price: $7.69
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