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Install a Door Intercom System Without Running Wires!

January 12, 2012 Leave a comment

3-Channel Door Intercom System (1 Door Station & 1 Interior Station)

  • Answer your doorbell without ever opening your door
  • Easily converts any doorbell into a complete in-home intercom and security system
  • Installs in minutes
  • Easy to operate

Enjoy a door intercom system that installs in minutes! This 3-Channel Door Intercom System communicates over your home’s existing wiring — no new wiring is required! With this Door Intercom, you’ll be able to answer your doorbell from any room in your home.

The 3-Channel Door Intercom System communicates via existing AC wires and will block X10 signals during the period that the intercoms are being used. They will not affect X10 operation if they’re plugged in, but are not transmitting sound.

The door intercom unit easily replaces your existing push-button doorbell using existing doorbell wiring. Read more

Upgrade Your Current Intercom System to a Retrofit Patio Station

October 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Linear NW65RS Retrofit Patio Station with Remote Scan and Master Volume
The Linear NW65RS Retrofit Patio Station with Remote Scan and Master Volume has an 5-inch speaker and is designed for retrofit outdoor use. This patio station replaces older intercom patio stations that use a four-wire connection to the master. This model patio station features a volume control, talk and listen buttons, audio input and radio station scan buttons, and radio, CD, or auxiliary audio volume control buttons.

When the TALK button is pressed, the person at the room station can talk to all other room stations set to intercom or radio/intercom. When the LISTEN button is pressed the person at the room station can listen to all stations set to intercom or radio/intercom unless the station has its PRIVACY button pressed. Pressing both TALK and LISTEN buttons communicate with the door speaker.

The volume of the master unit’s built-in AM/FM radio receiver, CD and auxiliary audio input can be controlled with the MUSIC VOLUME buttons. The master unit’s radio can also be turned on or off using these buttons. Pressing both the MUSIC VOLUME buttons will cause the master unit’s radio to scan the preset stations and music sources. Pressing both the MUSIC VOLUME buttons for four seconds can activate an accessory door release mechanism or a security system’s panic alarm. Read more

Replace Your Old Intercom System for One With a MP3 Player!

September 15, 2011 1 comment

IntraSonic RETRO-MB Retrofit Music Intercom Master Station - Black
Replace and update your existing Intercom System with the new and exciting Retrofit Music Intercom System. Designed to replace old home Intercom Systems and operate on existing 3 and 4 wire intercom systems. The IntraSonic RETRO-MB Retrofit Music Intercom Master Station has a built-in AM/FM radio. Plug in an MP3 player such as iPod, iPhone, Zune or any other hand held player into the master and share your music with the entire family. Choose between two music sources and listen to the radio in one room and an MP3 player in another location.

The Retrofit Music Intercom System offers the latest technology in Automatic Selective Call for private communication. The Intercom is broadcast throughout the home, but the Intercom becomes private once it is answered. Offering hands free communication for the person receiving the call, the Master Station has the capability to monitor single or multiple zones.

Also available in Almond and White. Connect up to 17 Room Stations to the Master Station or up to 4 of those could be Patio Stations. Up to 2 Door Stations can also be added.

About Retofit Music Intercom System
The Retofit Music Intercom System integrates with today’s portable music players, with a modern look that compliments any décor. It’s a dual source system which allows you to select between two music sources with intercom capability. Listen to your home entertainment through the auxiliary input throughout your home. The Retofit Music Intercom System not only allows you to use your portable hand held music players with the system, but also offers you the comfort and convenience of communication and room monitoring. With features like Automatic Selective Call and a full function remote control (at the master only), it is a convenient to use and offers exceptional value. Read more

Know Who’s at Your Door Before You Get to It! The Perfect Way to Avoid Pesky Door-to-Door Salesmen

August 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Velleman CAMSET16U B&W Video Security Door Phone




  • Camera with IR LED’s
  • Connect up to 4 indoor monitors
  • 2-way audio
  • Optional door strike control



Veleman’s Black & White Security Video Door Phone is a great way to view and speak with visitors at your home without making yourself vulnerable by opening the door. Two-Way indoor to outdoor communication, like viewing and speaking with guests along with access control, allowing guests to enter and exit, are the main functions performed by the CAMSET16U. The CAMSET16U uses a 4-wire telephone cable to connect the indoor unit with the outdoor unit. This door phone features two-way audio to allow communication with your visitor. When the doorbell is pressed the video phone will notify you with a chime then display the image provided by the camera. The outdoor station houses the camera which features IR (Infrared) LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) providing a picture in complete darkness. Images are displayed for 30 seconds unless the receiver is picked up. After picking up the receiver, the image will display for two minutes. Images can be viewed at anytime by pressing the monitor button. If some sort of access control, like a door strike or magnetic lock, has been incorporated, you can unlock or release the strike with the push of a button from the indoor intercom location. Up to four indoor intercoms can be added to this system to expand your monitoring ability throughout the home.

Read more

Communicate and Listen to Music Throughout the House

July 30, 2011 1 comment

IntraSonic I1000R Music Intercom Room Station - White
The IntraSonic I1000R Music Intercom Room Station is designed for indoor use. It will provide intercom, radio and input for any portable music source. You can communicate and monitor other stations including the master. Door communications can also be answered from room stations as well as the master and patio. External 30W In-Ceiling and In-Wall or 100W In-Ceiling and In-Wall Speakers can be connected directly off any Room Station for improved sound quality. The Room Station allows you to play music from the radio, it’s local line source (3.5mm jack) and the Auxiliary Input Wall Plate.

Automatic Selective Call from any room or master means once you press the talk button on the Room station, it will start out as an “all Call”, once the call is answered it becomes a private conversation. The other room stations will go back to their original settings. You can also either dial the room station directly or do the “all call”. It will always turn into a private conversation once the call is answered.

Also available in Almond and Black. Use the IntraSonic PMPHGR Room Station Hanger Bracket so your MP3 player can hang with the Room Unit while connected. Read more


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