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Turn Your iPod or iPhone Into the Ultimate Workout Companion

February 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Take your workouts to the next level with the myTREK armband from Scosche. With the myTREK armband users will get real-time pulse readings and audio prompts while working out to help guide intensity levels. They will also be able to track calories burned, distance traveled, speed, workout duration, progress relative to goals and even map out a running or biking route. This is beneficial because it lets the user know when they are not pushing themselves hard enough as well as when they are over-training. By monitoring intensity levels users can make sure they are working hard enough to achieve training goals and stay motivated by seeing results.

The myTREK armband is able to connect to an iPhone or iPod Touch wirelessly via Bluetooth which means bulky chest straps and wires for measuring a pulse are a thing of the past. The armband contains dual LED optical sensors which send light into the skin and are able to provide a pulse reading while on the move. The way this works is that the myTREK assesses how much light gets through the skin and how much is reflected back to its optical sensor. This then gives an indication of the oxygen saturation of the blood and the frequency of the blood flow from the heart and lungs. Thousands of these readings are taken over several seconds and the myTREK is able to give a pulse reading using algorithms designed to calculate the data. The armband also comes with a remote control pad that will allow the user to control their music because it is connected through Bluetooth. A lithium-ion battery powers the myTREK and gives it up to 5 hours of workout time when fully charged and is easily recharged via an included USB charging cable. Working out around your home? Because the myTREK connects via Bluetooth users can workout up to 33ft away from their phone or iPod Touch and still have data readings sent to it for tracking. The myTREK from Scosche is compatible with the 3rd and 4th generation iPod Touch, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.   Read More

Give your Blind or Visually-Impaired Loved Ones the Gift of Independence

August 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Sonic Alert BDP400 Talking Telephone with Large LCD Display




  • Vocalizes all contact information and menu items when buttons are pressed
  • Big buttons and choice of display fonts and colors
  • Three speed dial buttons allow for one-touch dialing for important or emergency contacts
  • Stores up to 50 contacts in the phone book
  • Extra-loud hands-free speakerphone
  • Hearing aid compatible

With this talking telephone, communication has never been easier for anyone that is visually or hearing-impaired. Large buttons with white lettering offer more contrast, making it easier to distinguish one number from the other. Several choices for colors and fonts are offered on the LCD display, allowing the user to customize the display according to their personal preferences. Designed specifically with blind users, the phone even announces each number or function as the corresponding button is pressed. The internal phone book can store up to 50 different contacts. Record the names for each contact and the phone will automatically identify and verbally relay the contact to you when they call. Up to three important or emergency numbers can also be programmed for one-touch dialing.

The phone offers a range of in-call volume levels, up to 40dB of amplification, ensuring you won’t miss a single syllable while on a call. Tone control allows you to adjust the high or low frequency for extra listening comfort. An extra-loud speakerphone gives you the freedom to move about the room while on a call. When a call comes in, the telephone can ring as well as flash a light for a visual indication of an incoming call. This talking telephone can also be wall-mounted for more flexibility and convenience in the phone’s placement.

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Know Who’s at Your Door Before You Get to It! The Perfect Way to Avoid Pesky Door-to-Door Salesmen

August 7, 2011 Leave a comment

Velleman CAMSET16U B&W Video Security Door Phone




  • Camera with IR LED’s
  • Connect up to 4 indoor monitors
  • 2-way audio
  • Optional door strike control



Veleman’s Black & White Security Video Door Phone is a great way to view and speak with visitors at your home without making yourself vulnerable by opening the door. Two-Way indoor to outdoor communication, like viewing and speaking with guests along with access control, allowing guests to enter and exit, are the main functions performed by the CAMSET16U. The CAMSET16U uses a 4-wire telephone cable to connect the indoor unit with the outdoor unit. This door phone features two-way audio to allow communication with your visitor. When the doorbell is pressed the video phone will notify you with a chime then display the image provided by the camera. The outdoor station houses the camera which features IR (Infrared) LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) providing a picture in complete darkness. Images are displayed for 30 seconds unless the receiver is picked up. After picking up the receiver, the image will display for two minutes. Images can be viewed at anytime by pressing the monitor button. If some sort of access control, like a door strike or magnetic lock, has been incorporated, you can unlock or release the strike with the push of a button from the indoor intercom location. Up to four indoor intercoms can be added to this system to expand your monitoring ability throughout the home.

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Shakes Your Bed to Fully Wake and Alert You

August 5, 2011 Leave a comment

Krown Manufacturing KBS300RX Bed Shaker Receiver

  • Strong vibrator wakes even the heaviest sleeper
  • Wirelessly receives signals from compatible transmitters
  • Simple and hassle-free installation
  • Compatible with KA300TX, KWA300TX, KA1000TR, KA1000DK transmitters
  • Especially perfect for deaf or hearing-impaired users

Be sure you won’t sleep through calling visitors again with the Bed Shaker Receiver. It wirelessly communicates with compatible transmitters, such as the Door Signal Transmitter, to alert when your system has been triggered. You can be notified of telephone calls, doorbells, knocks at the front door, or other things you might normally miss while sleeping, depending on the transmitter. Once the shaker has been activated, it will only stop shaking when you press the Reset button to make sure you receive the message. If the receiver continues receiving signals, the shaker will resume after a few seconds. The unit can be powered from an AC outlet or rechargeable 9V battery, included. A low battery indicator ensures your receiver always has an ample amount of power.

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Give the Ultimate Audio and Intercom Kit for Your Dad this Year

May 25, 2011 Leave a comment

OnQ Legrand ICAU14-BS 4-Room Whole House Music and Intercom, Brushed Silver

  • View your visitors on your doorstep from convenient locations within your home
  • Two-way intercoms
  • Door and gate release support
  • 7W per channel Class D amplified keypad
  • Supports additional room stations and up to three patio stations for a total of 12 intercom locations

Create an audio system that can extend throughout your entire house and include intercom and doorbell capabilities. With its efficient Cat5 installation, you’ll be able to extend your music to multiple rooms in your house. Additional room and patio stations can also be added to the system. Music will emanate in stereo sound from each individual speaker and mute when the doorbell is rung or intercom is in use.


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