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Bicycle Storage Solutions

November 1, 2013 Leave a comment

Storage for bicycles usually gives us a good challenge to solve. Smarthome offers you a few solutions to create space by putting your bicycles away.


Free Standing Four Bike Rack

  • No permanent installation needed – take it with you the next time you move
  • Sets up in minutes
  • Holds two or four bikes, safely and securely
  • Epoxy-coated black finish withstands years of heavy use

One option is the Gravity Bike Stand that securely holds two or four bikes in a compact space, yet is entirely freestanding. The stand is easy to assemble and the optional wall mount provides extra stability. Read More


Racor PBH-1R Ceiling Bike Lift

  • A convenient and space-efficient way to store your bike
  • Supports bikes weighing up to 50 pounds
  • Solid steel construction with a lifetime manufacturer warranty
  • Safety lock prevents accidental release

Another great option is offered from Racor, which is a Ceiling Bike Lift at an affordable price. This option is excellent for those who really need to maximize their space. The lift is designed with a rope and pulley system that can raise a 50lb bicycle up to 12 feet. This unique system makes the heavy bicycles feel extremely light. Read More


Gorgeous Garages 1 - MBBR Monkey Bar Large Bike Rack

  • Installs on the wall
  • Installs using 4 simple screws
  • Holds up to 6 Mt bikes
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Holds any size bike

The most sturdy and durable option is from Gorgeous Garages. The Monkey Bar Bike Rack does not limit you on the size or kind of bike. It needs to be bolted into two studs with 4 screws to hold up to 6 bicycles. This option can store the bikes for the entire family or the bike enthusiast. Read More

July 5, 2013 Leave a comment

Tall, Easy-To-See Stop Sign Ensure the Perfect Parking Job Every Time

October 21, 2012 Leave a comment

Homebrite 77104 Park N Place for SUV
Parking your vehicle in the garage can be a daunting task if you have lots of clutter, a tight space or a larger vehicle such as an SUV or truck. With Park N Place for SUVs the guesswork is taken out of parking in a garage and having to cross your fingers hoping that you left enough room to open your door and shut the garage door. The Park N Place for SUVs is 62 inches tall making it ideally sized for SUVs and trucks while also being just as effective with cars. Included step-by-step assembly instructions make setup easy as each piece quickly connects together to be placed wherever you want to stop your car, truck or SUV. A stop sign sits atop a flexible pole that is attached to a secure base and when you make contact with the pole, the stop sign will begin flashing to alert you to stop. You can easily move the Park N Place around to account for a new car, different car, opposite side of the garage or different parking method to ensure you park in the perfect spot every time. It is powered by 2 AG13 1.5V button cell batteries and are included with purchase.
Read more

Replace or Parallel Your Traditional Wall Button

February 28, 2011 Leave a comment

Skylink GBRK Smart Button with Keyless Entry System

Skylink GBRK Smart Button with Keyless Entry System

Item# 73072

Price: Normally $45.53

The Skylink GBRK Smart Button™ with Keyless Entry System simply replaces or parallels your traditional wall button with its Smart Button. The Smart Button receives signal from remote control and opens/closes garage door, and it can work with up to 15 remote controls. It features personal access codes for maximum security, and sounds a short beep when buttons are pressed. After connecting this new remote control to your wall button, your existing remote control will still work with this connection. This product comes in a weather resistant design with ABS UV plastic case to protect the system.

  • Simply replaces or parallels your traditional wall button with Smart Button
  • Rolling Code Technology
  • Smart Button receives signal from remote control and opens/closes garage door
  • Smart Button works with up to 15 remote controls
  • Entry system features personal access codes for maximum security
  • FCC / IC approved
  • Read more
    *Since we strive to provide you with the lowest prices, prices are subject to change.

    DIY: Garage Makeover! Making your garage your favorite part in your home

    February 18, 2011 Leave a comment

    Ever wonder how much more pleasant coming home and parking your car would be if your garage was organized? Except that the idea dissolves into a busy week and never takes notice again? Don’t excuse yourself and your garage any more. Make it an integral part of showing off your home and creative organization skills. Over the years many home owners fall into the idea of “if it doesn’t fit in the storage closet in the home then it goes straight to the garage” motto. This easy short term solution goes to show long term detrimental  effects when boxes and miscellaneous items over time then accrue into an overwhelming pile of (well, you fill in the blank). Take some time in caring for a garage make over and feel like it is an extra “get away” room in the house.

    Smarthome figured you needed an extra push for motivation and a sprinkle of creativity, so we found cool garage designs online that you can check out.

    Cool Products from Smarthome to help you getting that garage you want! 

    Gorgeous Garages 2 – MBYTR Monkey Bar Yard Tool Rack


    Item# 90793


     Park Right Vehicle Parking Mat and Sensor for the Garage, Red

    Item# 71860R

    On the Edge Marketing 790047 Ceiling Mount Double Wide Shelf System

    Item# 9597



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