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Never Accidentally Leave Your Garage Door Open Again!

December 21, 2011 Leave a comment

How many times have you been gripped with the sudden realization that you may have forgotten to close your garage door?

Garage Door CloserIt’s a pretty common mistake, but it can be a costly one, since that open expanse can be an enticing lure to thieves. Make sure the largest door to your home is closed securely with the automatic Garage Door Closer, which triggers your garage door opener automatically after a user-specified amount of time if left open.

Mount the sensor on your garage door using the included mounting tape or screws. When the door is closed, the detection rod is retracted; when the door is open, the detection rod is extended and sends a wireless signal to the wall console, which in turn triggers your garage door opener to shut the door. Planning to work in the garage for a while? A single button press locks the receiver so it won’t close when you don’t want it to.

Since it has a built-in antenna, the included wall console can accept commands sent by a keychain remote, sold separately. The wall console’s learning function makes connection easy. Read more

Turn Your Cell Phone Into a Remote to Open the Gate to Your Home

November 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Rather than carry around an extra remote to open your gate, why use something you are already carrying around? With this receiver, you will be able to automatically open your gate with a phone call. The receiver utilizes a caller ID system. If it recognizes the number, it will open the gate. Up to 64 different numbers can be stored on one receiver, so you can let all your tenants, family, friends, and workers gain access. While the receiver uses caller ID, it won’t actually pick up the call so it won’t use any of your plan’s minutes. You will save money since you won’t need to purchase any additional units. And your pocket or purse won’t be weighted down with an extra unit. Operating off cell phone towers, the receiver’s range is virtually limitless. As long as there is reception, you will be able to open the gate with your phone. Read more

Prevent Burglaries from Leaving Your Garage Door Open

September 19, 2011 1 comment

A residential burglary happens every 12 seconds. Many of these burglaries have one thing in common: an open garage door.

GarageHawk G07/R07 Garage Door Monitor System Starter KitThe GarageHawk G07/R07 Garage Door Monitor System Starter Kit allows you to wirelessly monitor and close your garage door from anywhere in your home. GarageHawk installs in minutes, using only a screw driver. Plug GarageHawk into any outlet. Red indicates an open garage door. Simply press the button to remotely close your garage doors. When the light turns green, the garage doors are closed. There are no batteries required and settings are stored in non-volatile memory so the settings are automatically reset after a power failure. Additional Garage Modules are available so the system can control every garage door on the property. In addition, Remote Modules are available to monitor from as many rooms in the house as needed. Read more

Universal Garage Door Opener Receiver

April 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Skylink GTR Smart Button Receiver

Skylink GTR Smart Button Receiver

Item# 73059


Price: Normally $20.00

Hot Deal $15.15


The Skylink GTR Smart Button Receiver allows you to replace (or parallel) your traditional garage door wall button with a Smart Button™. With the included mounting hardware and a simple two wire connection, you will be ready in minutes. Once installed simply press the “learn” button on the device and press the button on the remote control you wish to use and you are ready to go. Using rolling code technology (which helps prevent unauthorized opening of your garage from another remote) the Smart Button receives a signal from a remote control it has been paired with and opens / closes your garage door. The GTR Smart Button Receiver with work with up to 15 transmitters and with Skylink G6KR Universal Garage Door Opener with Keypad, G6MR Universal Garage Door Opener with Keychain Remote, G6VR Universal Garage Door Opener with Visor Clip, G6T4 Four-Button Keychain Transmitter and G6K, each sold separately.

  • Compatible with most garage door openers
  • Works with Skylink model G6KR, G6MR, G6VR, G6T4, G6K and more
  • Easy “ONE STEP” installation
  • LED feedback
  • No batteries or AC outlet required
  • Read more
    *Since we strive to provide you with the lowest prices, prices are subject to change.

    Ever Need to Get Into the garage From Outside, But You Can’t Because the Garage Door Opener is Either in the Car or in the House? If so, Then Why Not Use This Easy to Install Keyless Entry System

    March 14, 2011 Leave a comment

    Skylink 18KR Wireless Keyless Entry System

    Skylink 18KR Wireless Keyless Entry System

    Item# 73064

    Price: Normally $42.12
    Hot Deal $32.12

    It allows you to open the garage from the outside of your home using a secure personal entry code. This device can be used with additional transmitters (sold separately).There are no unsightly wires that run outside and the universal keypad works with most brands of garage door openers. The backlit keypad makes it easier for you to see when the sun is setting or in the dark. And all you have to do to install it, is connect the two wires that come in this kit, to the terminals of your existing wall mounted garage door opener button. This product features a ABS UV plastic case and a weather resistant design that will last during rainy season, wear and tear.

  • Use Skylink rolling code technology
  • Works with most brands of garage door openers
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with Long life Lithium batteries
  • Allows for personal access codes for maximum security
  • Read more
    *Since we strive to provide you with the lowest prices, prices are subject to change.


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