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Programmable Switch Helps with Energy Efficiency and Convenience

Honeywell RPLS530A1038/U 7-Day Programmable Light Switch

Honeywell RPLS530A1038/U 7-Day Programmable Light Switch - White

Wiring your lights through a timer switch like the Honeywell RPLS730B1000/U can help save you money while adding a level of convenience and safety to your home. This switch features 7 individual on/off sequences, so you can have a different setting for every day of the week. Excellent for having your lights on when you get home from work or giving the appearance that you’re home while away on vacation, this switch is flexible and simple to program. This switch will control incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lighting.

  • Lets you program on/off times for lights
  • Seven on/off sequences so you can program times for every day of the week
  • Hidden programming buttons for a clean appearance
  • Works with incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lighting

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