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Take your home connectivity to the next level with a Keyless Door Lever!

January 16, 2013 Leave a comment

Schlage FE599 CAM 619 ACC Schlage LiNK Wireless Z-Wave Keypad Entry Lever - Satin Nickel

Introduce this door lock Entry Lever into a pre-existing Z-Wave network to further broaden the connectivity of Z-Wave enabled products to include the front door. A Z-Wave network is made up of Z-Wave enabled products that will wirelessly communicate with one another, and you, over the internet through a computer or Smartphone. Having a Schlage LiNK Wireless Z-Wave Keypad Entry Lever installed will provide the benefit of increased home security and convenience.

Featuring a 128 bit AES security encryption, this Z-Wave Keypad Entry Lever is capable of storing up to 19 personalized 4 digit access codes. Each family member can have their own unique code for access while at the same time assign emergency access codes for friends and neighbors or special one-time access codes. Web based access to this system from a Smartphone or computer is also available and provides the ability to manage the doors status when not at home leaving the peace of mind to know your home is safe. Remote access of this system does require a low, monthly fee which users can activate by contacting Schlage customer service.

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Bluetooth Control over Garage Door via Smartphone for up to 5 Users

January 12, 2013 Leave a comment

Smartphone’s can do just about everything from music to games to even depositing checks to a bank and now with the SecuRemote from First Watch Security they can open and close a garage door. The SecuRemote device connects to the garage door operator and then pairs to your Smartphone through a Bluetooth connection once the free SecuRemote app has been downloaded. It is compatible with Droid, iPhone and Blackberry and the app can be downloaded in each device’s app store or marketplace. Once installed the local mode allows for up to 5 users to control the garage with the initial phone that is connected being the system administrator. The system administrator is able to then add or remove up to 4 additional phones and assign each either unlimited or temporary access. If providing access to more than 5 users is desired this can be done in online mode (annual subscription required) which allows for unlimited users and access from anywhere with web-access. After setup the connected phones will be able to operate the SecuRemote device using Bluetooth within a range of 60 to 100 feet. To power the SecuRemote it will need access to a 110 volt AC outlet upon connection to the garage door operator. The SecuRemote digital key is unique to the assigned Smartphone(s) and has 128-bit encrypted transmission.

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Infrared Beam Detects Approaching Pet and Activates Sliding Door to Open

November 28, 2012 Leave a comment

The IR Pet Motion Sensor, 2 Pack is for those with an existing AutoSlide™ system who want to upgrade it to work with their pets as well. The set works in unison with an AutoSlide door to give your pets the convenience of being able to open a sliding door or screen on their own and thus not have to rely upon someone else to let them out. Included are 2 infrared (IR) motion sensors which are hardwired into an existing AutoSlide for power. Each motion sensor should be installed next to the sliding door at roughly chest height of the pet with one sensor inside and the other outside. Upon detection the IR sensor will open the door and allow your pet to come and go freely without relying upon you. Each AutoSlide system can be set to manual mode or have pet mode turned off for the times you do not want your pet to freely come and go as they like.

  • IR pet motion sensors trigger sliding door to open for pet
  • Program door to only open enough to suit the size of your pet
  • Pet receives easy access in and out of home without assistance
  • Add-on accessories for existing AutoSlide systems

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Motion Sensor Triggers AutoSlide Door to Open when IR Beam is Broken

November 10, 2012 Leave a comment

SlideRight AS06/WS AutoSlide Infrared Motion Sensor, Single

The AutoSlide™ Infrared (IR) Motion Sensor from SlideRight is an add-on accessory for AutoSlide automatic sliding door bundle systems and includes 1 sensor. The IR Motion Sensor hardwired to the AutoSlide and installed above the sliding door. When the IR beam from the sensor is broken by an approaching person the AutoSlide system will immediately be triggered to open the door and provide hands-free convenience. This is especially helpful when your hands are full or if a certain family member has trouble remembering to shut the door behind them allowing bugs in and causing the thermostat to work harder than it needs to. The IR beam height is adjustable allowing for it to be set so that an approaching young child will not activate the door and be given easy access outside of the home. Because the IR Sensor is hardwired to the AutoSlide system it does not require any batteries for operation. It is important to note that installation of only 1 IR Motion Sensor will only automate the sliding door one-way. To fully automate your sliding door from the inside and outside 2 IR Motion Sensors will need to be installed.
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Delay a Person’s Exit from Your Property

September 20, 2012 Leave a comment

A security device, designed to slow someone down from exiting the premises

SECO-LARM SA-025EQ Enforcer Delayed Egress Timer
The SA-025EQ is a Delayed Egress Timer from SECO-LARM. Egress timers are used as a security device to delay a person’s exit from a location, such as delaying someone from exiting through a door. The egress timer will delay the unlocking of a door as to delay this person’s exit. Such a use is implemented to help deter someone from stealing something from a property like a store or to have a bit more time to actually stop them from leaving the premises. The SA-025EQ provides many features that should meet most uses. It provides three Relock Modes such as standard manual relocking, BOCA (Building Officials Code Administrators) relocking, and timed relocking. A programmable nuisance delay timer, adjustable pre and post delay timer, and a door status input and LED indicator complete the SA-025EQ, assuring that it remains a versatile and feature rich device for your security needs.

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