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Handy 28 Lumen Flashlight Clamps to Nearly Anything

March 10, 2012 Leave a comment

The Blackfire Clamplight Junior is a 28 lumen compact flashlight perfect for just about any task in which hands-free lighting is needed. This flashlight is capable of clamping to just about any object available and is made of hi-impact ABS plastic for increased durability. The clamp at the base also has the option of locking in an open position in the event there is nothing available for it to clamp onto. The head of the flashlight can pivot and rotate to get into the best position possible to shine light directly where it is needed. The Blackfire Clamplight Junior is powered by 4 AAA batteries which are not included with the purchase of the product. Read More

Be Green and Stylish All at the Same Time

February 14, 2012 Leave a comment

simplehuman CW1347 6 Gallon Front Load Recycler - Grey




  • Ideal for recycling of cans and bottles
  • Dial next to lid can be set to show what bin is used for
  • Top lid lifts up for disposing of larger goods
  • Designed for easy stacking of one on top of another
  • Constructed of dent-proof plastic


In simplehuman’s® continued quest to make product’s that aide in making recycling easier for you, the user, comes the CW1347 6 Gallon Front Load Recycler in grey. This recycling friendly trashcan is ideal for storage of trashed aluminum, glass, paper or plastic. Next to its circular front loading lid is a dial that can be turned to indicate what type of goods are being thrown into each specific recycling bin. Though its opening is circular the front loading lid can be easily lifted up for disposal or larger items that might not fit into the circular opening; the top lid can also be removed altogether to make changing a line or emptying an easy process. This Recycler has been designed to allow for stacking of multiple units on top of one another to save space when multiple Front Load Recyclers are being used or neatly lined up next to one another. This recycle bin is constructed of dent-proof plastic which is durable and easy to clean.   Read More

Hands-Free Soap Dispenser Adds a Touch of Ease to Washing Hands

February 12, 2012 Leave a comment

simplehuman ST1008 Plastic Sensor Soap Pump - Black

Eliminating germs and bacteria from your hands takes more than just a quick wash and rinse. Most bars of soap and liquid soap pump dispensers are in contact with dirty, germ filled hands all day; but this sanitary alternative doesn’t require you to touch anything. The ST1008 Plastic Sensor Soap Pump – Black from simplehuman® allows its users to soap their hands without ever having to touch the actual device. A sensor on the underside of the spout determines when the user’s hands are under the device and then releases a pre-set amount of soap to the user. Because the user doesn’t have to actually touch the device there is no passing of germs from hand to device and vice versa. The pre-determined amount of soap dispensed by the Sensor Soap Pump is set by the user via the control buttons located at the base of the pump under the spout. This pump is ideal for use with not only soap but for hand sanitizer as well as lotions; therefore depending upon the liquid being used and the thickness of it the user can set it to a shorter or longer release time. Watery, liquid soaps and sanitizers come out much quicker and therefore do not need to have as lengthy of a release time. On the other hand, thicker soaps and lotions might need to be set to a higher setting in order to make sure the pump releases enough for use. Refilling this pump is a very clean process and easy to do. A pop-off lid at the top of the device easily releases and leaves a large opening to make pouring of soap, sanitizer or lotion into the dispenser painless. The Plastic Sensor Soap Pump is powered by 4 AA batteries which are not included with the purchase of this product.   Read More

The Ultimate On-The-Go Desk and Lap Workspace with Two Slide-out Extensions

February 2, 2012 Leave a comment

The TriPad® Traveler is the ultimate in portable workspace. It is not only ideal for business people but children, travelers, and home users alike. The Traveler easily attaches to any standard sized suitcase or carry on luggage handles. It has two slide-outs that offer additional room and even a slot for beverages.

When you are not on the go, it double as a lap desk that can keep you and your laptop cool. All these features in a product with a form factor of only half an inch thick – this is the perfect companion for your active life. Read more


Product Title (In box)



  • The Traveler instantly provides you with a convenient and portable workspace
  • Easily attaches to standard size suitcases for an easy handsfree and rigid workstation
  • Two slide-outs extenders provide the option for extra workspace and a beverage holder
  • Keep your lap and laptop protected from excess heat
  • Only half an inch thick – it is easily stored away in almost all luggage and suitcases

See the “Real You” with this Magnified Vanity Mirror

January 28, 2012 Leave a comment

Zadro SLVT410 Surround Light 10X/1X Tri-Fold Vanity Mirror - Satin Nickel



  • Tri-fold mirror allows you to see your face from every angle
  • SURROUND LIGHT technology produces natural looking light
  • Light is dimmable for light intensity control
  • Mirror swivels 360 degrees to switch between regular and magnified views



Sitting atop an elegant pedestal, this ultra-thin mirror adds class and style to your bathroom or dressing room, while allowing you to see just about every angle of your face. A patented design with surrounding light bulb evenly disperses light around the mirror for ample light at every viewing angle. Special SURROUND LIGHT technology reproduces the effect of sunlight for the most natural looking light possible. The light can easily be dimmed to meet your personal light intensity preferences. The mirror includes both 10X and 1X magnifications and can be swiveled and pivoted to achieve the most optimal viewing angle. The light is powered by an AC adapter located in the base of the pedestal.

Read more


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