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Make an iPad, iPad 2 or 3rd Generation iPad Waterproof to Allow for use in or Around Water

May 27, 2012 Leave a comment

iPad owner’s can now safely bring their device with them just about anywhere including watery environments like the beach or pool with the Rock Waterproof Protective Case from Aryca. The Rock Waterproof Case allows for increased flexibility of where to use an iPad because it is 100% waterproof up to a submerged depth of 3 feet (1 meter) and is IP57 certified to protect against water, sand and dust. This feature means you can float on a raft in the pool while watching a video or work away while at the beach without fear of dropping it in the sand and ruining it. This waterproof case has a high impact polycarbonate shell with a clear silicon membrane front cover and is compatible with the original iPad, iPad 2 and iPad 3. The silicone membrane front cover allows for full functionality of the iPad’s touch-screen interface, and for gaming or watching videos a convenient stand folds out of the back. The Rock Case has a double locking system to ensure the contents inside are securely protected from water, sand, dirt or whatever other elements it may encounter. This locking system is also designed to not affect the iPad’s sound quality when using it for music or videos. An adjustable strap is included with the case so that it can be secured to ones wrist or other to prevent falling.

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Instantly Find Loved Ones Should They Lose Their Way

May 17, 2012 Leave a comment

The SecuraTrac ST-1012 LifeTrac MobileProtector is a ruggedized, weather-proof GPS locator-phone able to withstand extreme conditions and uses. It is perfect for adolescents who do not need a texting plan and for seniors who want to remain active and mobile yet may live alone or wants an added layer of security for health or other safety reasons.

The LifeTrac MobileProtector is a small device that fits into your child’s pocket or backpack. It uses the global positioning system satellites and the mobile phone networks to pinpoint your location and report it back to the LifeTrac network. The Mobile Protector works well for people of all ages and needs. It has been shown to work well for those who care for the elderly particularly those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, and other conditions associated with memory loss. In addition to loved ones, MobileProtectors’s work well for tracking anything that is important to you including your pets, cars, and luggage.
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Turn Your Smartphone into a Waterproof Underwater Camera

Aryca WS12W TIDE Waterproof Smartphone Case, White

The mortal enemy of the Smartphone has always been water. These wonderfully fun devices are attached to us at the hip but when our daily activities take us to such places as a beach, lake or pool we either need to not bring them with or hide them somewhere we perceive to be safe from water and sand. This, however, is now a problem of the past. The TIDE Waterproof Smartphone Case from Aryca is designed to safely protect Droid Smartphone’s from sand, snow and water. This waterproof case is IPX8 certified which means it will protect the contents within even while submersed in water. With this case you can safely bring your Smartphone underwater with you up to 20 feet (6 meters) and use it to snap underwater pictures or take videos. The case has a clear silicon protective membrane on the front which supports touch screen giving the phone full functionality to still text or make calls. Even if the idea of bringing a phone underwater makes you tremble the case can at least bring peace of mind that your phone will be safe when brought around water. By also protecting the phone from sand, places such as the beach, river or lake are no longer a cell phone danger zone. Also included with the TIDE Waterproof Smartphone Case is a floating lanyard that attaches to the top of the case. Keeping with the peace of mind theme, this helps make sure that your phone won’t sink whether it is brought into the water on purpose or falls in accidentally.
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Turn an iPhone 4 or 4S into a Waterproof Underwater Camera

April 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Keystone ECO WP4S-BLK-001 Waterproof Smartphone MarineCase, BlackThe mortal enemy of the Smartphone has always been water. The iPhone acts as a lifeline to the world and is in their owner’s possession at all times of the day but what happens when you want to go to the beach? How about the pool? Or what about boating? The list goes on and on and in all instances a decision must be made to either safely leave your iPhone behind where sand, water and other elements won’t hurt it or bring it with and hope nothing happens. Now, with a Waterproof Smartphone MarineCase from Keystone ECO water, sand, snow and dirt will no longer be a deterrent but instead a welcome friend. Designed to work specifically with the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S this case is IP58 certified to protect against the elements so that lifeline to the world can safely go everywhere you do. For example, take pictures and video while snorkeling and upload them online for everyone to see without even getting out of the water.

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Make the Most of Each Workout by Monitoring Your Pulse Via an iPhone or iPod Touch

February 27, 2012 Leave a comment

Scosche IPTM myTREKTake your workouts to the next level with the myTREK armband from Scosche. With the myTREK armband users will get real-time pulse readings and audio prompts while working out to help guide intensity levels. They will also be able to track calories burned, distance traveled, speed, workout duration, progress relative to goals and even map out a running or biking route. This is beneficial because it lets the user know when they are not pushing themselves hard enough as well as when they are over-training. By monitoring intensity levels users can make sure they are working hard enough to achieve training goals and stay motivated by seeing results.

The myTREK armband is able to connect to an iPhone or iPod Touch wirelessly via Bluetooth which means bulky chest straps and wires for measuring a pulse are a thing of the past. The armband contains dual LED optical sensors which send light into the skin and are able to provide a pulse reading while on the move. The way this works is that the myTREK assesses how much light gets through the skin and how much is reflected back to its optical sensor. This then gives an indication of the oxygen saturation of the blood and the frequency of the blood flow from the heart and lungs. Thousands of these readings are taken over several seconds and the myTREK is able to give a pulse reading using algorithms designed to calculate the data. The armband also comes with a remote control pad that will allow the user to control their music because it is connected through Bluetooth. A lithium-ion battery powers the myTREK and gives it up to 5 hours of workout time when fully charged and is easily recharged via an included USB charging cable. Working out around your home? Because the myTREK connects via Bluetooth users can workout up to 33ft away from their phone or iPod Touch and still have data readings sent to it for tracking. Read more


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