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Cat Furniture that is Great for Your Home!

May 4, 2012 1 comment

RefinedKind Pet Products CLOUD-WH-L Cat Clouds Cat Shelf, Left Face - WhiteRefinedKind Pet Products KBB-BA Kitty Ball Bed - BambooRefinedKind Pet Products LOT-ES Lotus Cat Tower - Espresso








Most pet furniture tends to be awkward and mostly unattractive. The dilemma usually is that you want to keep your pet comfortable but you don’t want it to be an eye sore in your already nicely furnished room. The people over at Refined Kind Pet Products created great pet furniture that can coexist within your home. This pet furniture not only keeps your pet in mind but it also keeps you, the owner in mind too. Guests will have to take a closer look to realize that its your cat’s furniture in your living room. Check out the full range of cat furniture that we carry:  Refined Kind Pet Products

Entertain Your Cat and Match Your Homes Decor With This Functional Cat Tower With Cubby Hole

RefinedKind Pet Products LOT-ES Lotus Cat Tower - Espresso
The Lotus Cat Tower from The Refined Kind Pet Products was carefully planned with both the cat and the owner in mind. Accustomed to fit your cat’s needs for perching, scratching, and privacy this cat towers sleek and organic design is a modern take on cat furniture with a unique ability to blend and accent your homes decor. Its Zen-like design blends symmetry, functionality, and minimalism into a beautiful, “flowering” tower. Its multiple perches are lined with a soft Berber carpet with Velcro backs for easy installation and cleaning when necessary. It features a long lasting sisal panel for scratching and a padded cubby for when your cat desires some privacy. This cat tower is manufactured from sturdy plywood and is covered with an oak veneer with a natural stain and sealer that will resist scratching. Its design boasts a weighted bottom for stability and comes with floor levelers and a support bracket for added reinforcement.

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Hands-off Convenience and Unbeatable Odor Control for Weeks at a Time

April 5, 2012 Leave a comment

ScoopFree Premium Free Crystal Replacement Litter Tray Refill (Each)



  • Free of perfumes and dyes
  • Tray is made of recycled paper with no bleach added and is safe to throw away
  • Super absorbent litter
  • Covered waste compartment
  • Plastic lining creates a powerful barrier to help protect against leakage


If you already own or plan to purchase the ScoopFree Original, Ultra or Slide Litter Box, the ScoopFree Premium Free Crystal Replacement Litter Tray Refill is an essential accessory. The crystal litter provides superior odor control and the tray includes a covered waste compartment that locks in odors, so you can leave the tray alone for weeks at a time. It is completely disposable for hands-off convenience, so you don’t have to touch or smell messy waste. After a few weeks, simply toss the tray in the provided disposal bag and replace with a new one.

ScoopFree ‘Free’ is a new disposable litter tray made from recycled materials and comes pre-filled with premium crystal litter free of perfumes and dyes. Free trays don’t have a lid so they can nest, making them easier to stack and store in small spaces. Each tray includes a garbage bag for easy disposal.

Tip: ScoopFree litter trays can also be used as standalone disposable litter boxes. When used this way, either scoop the waste under the waste trap flap or remove entirely as often as needed. Mixing the litter daily is also recommended. When the tray is ready to be disposed, simply place it in the provided disposal bag and toss it in the trash.  Read More

Pet Appreciation Week: A Video For All Cat Lovers!

June 11, 2011 Leave a comment

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