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Karaoke Singers, It’s Your Time to Shine.

April 24, 2012 Leave a comment

Technical Pro WM1201 Professional UHF Dual Wireless Microphone System


Technical Pro’s microphones are preferred by sound professionals and performers. The innovative technology that is used always produces a proper translation to any voice and to any audience…and the sturdy design will give you confidence that your show or conference will always be a success. These same two elements can be found in the WM1201 Professional UHF Wireless Microphone System.

This system comes complete with a base transmitter that has a 1RU (RU = Rack Unit) rack mountable design and 2 dynamic cardioid directional Ultra High Band Wireless Microphones. The base and microphones are both stylish and durable. The front of the base shows LED meters for both microphones and has two separate digital panels showing the frequency information. The cardioid directional design is meant to only translate a direct signal into the microphone. This will give you the ability to address a loud room like a club or large stage performance and not worry about any type of feedback. And if you are addressing a large room or audience no need to worry about any unwanted crowd noise getting picked up in your microphone!

The benefits of a wireless microphone also include giving you the freedom you need to move around the stage or room without the hassle of messy wires. This is a huge plus if you are performing or need to address a large audience or to move around freely without worrying about getting tripped up!

In today’s world of technology and communication wireless signals can often be interrupted. In any given space and especially in densely populated areas like a city, the atmosphere is filled with various signals that can interrupt your equipment. The WM1201 uses a UHF (UHF = Ultra High Frequency) design.. A step above a normal VHF design, the UHF design has a much less chance of interference. UHF wireless microphones have the ability to use a much larger range of frequency spectrum as opposed to VHF microphones. Interference is a concern for everyone from high-level performers to professionals addressing a crowd – it can ruin a performance or speech. The WM1201 will give you the confidence you need that this won’t be an issue – and at a price that won’t break the bank. Read More

Enjoy Powerful Audio Output from a Premium, Professional Amplifier

April 23, 2012 Leave a comment

Technical Pro AX3000 2RU Professional 2-Channel Power Amplifier, 3000 Watts



Technical Pro is always providing high quality products for the professional audio world and home entertainment. The gear is constantly pushing the limits of emerging technology while always maintaining a high standard of excellence. The AX3000 is a 2-Channel Power Amplifier meant for the audio professional. If you are designing sound in a studio or on stage and need real power, this is for you! If you are a DJ and need a proper amplifier for your mobile rack, this is for you! It features a small 2RU (RU = Rack Unit) design and the back panel has been simplified with RCA inputs and Banana Binding post outputs. The front panel provides input control and a blue LED meter allowing you to quickly see your level and manually adjust to your needs.

You may be thinking to yourself it’s too small to push out enough power. As we all know you can’t judge a book by its cover…or in this case, an amplifier by its size! The AX3000professional sound design has a peak power of 3000 Watts and 300 Watts @ 8 ohms. It also has separate input gain and volume controls, a dual 3 band equalizer, and power, level and clipping indicators per channel.

This amplifier is one hot unit! But don’t worry about overheating! Its two built in cooling fans will keep everything at the optimal temperature. Aligned with industry standards and the professional design expected from Technical Pro this unit is ahead of its class!

If you’ve spent any time at all in professional audio, you know the name Technical Pro and what it stands for – incredible performance and sound, and the ultimate in reliability under harsh conditions. And now, Technical Pro offers the same technology in a series of integrated amps and receivers bringing more of what sets Technical Pro apart from all others. Read More

Adjustable Tablet Stand Keeps Your Device Securely in Place

April 19, 2012 Leave a comment





  • Ideal for virtually any tablet or book
  • Rubberized non-slip legs keep device securely in place
  • Adjustable ergonomic viewing angles
  • Made from durable ABS plastic



This lightweight and easy to use laptop stand is ideal for notebooks, tablets, iPads, eBook readers, and books. The stand is made from durable ABS plastic and can work with virtually any tablet or eBook reader and also works with books. With its rubberized, non-slip legs, trust that your expensive tablet or favorite book is safe while it is being used with this stand. This stand is ideal for use during a presentation at the office of if you are trying a new recipe at home in the kitchen.
Read More

Extend Signals From Any of 8 HDMI Sources to Any of 8 Remote Displays over Cat5/Cat6 Cable

April 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Vanco 280781 8x8 HDMI Matrix with IR and RS-232 Control

The Vanco 280781 8×8 HDMI Matrix Switch offers unprecedented flexibility and convenience by extending High Definition (HD) Audio/Video (A/V) Signals from any of 8 HDMI sources to any of 8 remote displays over a single cat5 or cat6 cable (sold separately) to an HDMI Extender. (also sold separately). You can route your Blu-ray player, cable/satellite receiver, PS3 or Xbox 360 gaming system, etc. to any of 8 HDTV’s, projectors or monitors, whether the source is HDCP compliant or not. You can then choose several different ways to control the matrix; infrared (IR) remote control via an IR Receiver(s) (1 include, additional sold separately) connected to the HDMI extender(s) and IR Emitters (included) connected to the matrix to control the sources. You can also use, RS-232 or RS-485 control protocols (extender included), and Ethernet.

This 8×8 HDMI matrix switch offers solutions for digital entertainment centers, HDTV retail and show site installations, HDTV, STBV, VDV and projector applications, It specifically address installations with noise, space, security concerns, data center control, information and signage distribution, conference room presentations and school/corporate training environments. Read More

Connect your Digital Device with a Mini HDMI Output to an HDMI Equipped Display

April 18, 2012 Leave a comment

Vanco 280172 HDMI Female to Mini HDMI Male Adapter


  • Converts a Type A HDMI Plug into a Type D Mini HDMI Plug
  • Supports High Definition Resolution 1080p
  • Gold Plated Connections for Optimal Signal Transfer

The Vanco 280172 HDMI Female to Mini HDMI Male Adapter is a simple and effective way to convert an HDMI cable to a Mini HDMI cable. This connection adapter is typically used for connections between your digital camera, camcorder or other digital device with a Mini HDMI connector, directly to your standard HDMI-enabled HDTV. You will enjoy stunning digital audio and HD video quality (up to 1080p) without any signal loss or degradation. The gold pated contacts enable the highest level signal transfer while enhancing corrosion resistance. With a compact size and rugged design, you can take this adapter anywhere. Read More


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