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Know Exactly Where Your Motorcycle or ATV Is at all Times, and Receive Problem Alerts on Your Smartphone

March 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Guard Dog GD-MT100 MotoTrac GPS TrackerIt would be great to hop on your motorcycle or ATV and head out for a relaxing day or weekend, but what if someone else had the same idea – take your bike out for a ride? Unfortunately, in today’s world, you can’t always count on your bike staying where you left it. The Guard Dog MotoTrac will protect your investment and let you know if something goes wrong. You can set up a virtual fence around its normal parking spot, so if it moves beyond that area you will receive an alert message. It will transmit its present GPS coordinates, as well as three month’s worth of bread crumbs showing where it went. It keeps track of engine run time as well as battery voltage and system current draw, and can let you know of problems. A built-in backup battery will support MotoTrac for a month if the main battery power goes out. Supports iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry smartphones. Many insurance companies will offer discounts based on a Guard Dog installation.
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Wouldn’t it be Nice to Receive a Reminder to Not Pull Into Your Garage When You Have Gear Loaded on Your Roof Rack

January 5, 2012 Leave a comment

It can be easy to forget about the bicycle, kayak, camping equipment, or other gear strapped to the roof of your vehicle, especially after a long drive. And if you pull into your garage with your gear on the top of your car, you could significantly damage your gear, your car, and your home. This wireless alert system prevents that from ever happening again. Consisting of a wall-mounted sign, audio alerter, and gear tags, the alert system is easy to use and could potentially save you thousands of dollars in repairs. The sign should be mounted where it is visible to you as you pull into the garage while the audio alerter can be clipped to your sun visor. Gear tags are water resistant and can be attached directly to your equipment or slipped into bags and cases.

With the included power adapter, the sign is continually detecting for the gear tags to provide constant protection. When gear tags are in sensing range of the sign, audio and visual warnings will be issued – the sign will flash and the alerter will beep. The warnings will last three minutes, so you can be sure to see and hear them. The alerter can easily be silenced with a quick button press. Comes with one alerter for your car and two gear tags. Read more

Install Sensors in Your Car to Check Behind You when Backing Up

December 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Autopage BPS-4 Four-Sensor Car Back Up Parking System
Our roads today are more crowded than ever before, and cars are being designed with higher trunk lids. It’s more difficult to see out of your car, and at the same time, there are more potential things to hit. Don’t accidentally run over Junior’s tricycle just because you know it was there – add this sensor system to your car or truck to let you know there’s something back there! Wired to your vehicle’s back-up light circuit so it operates only while reversing. There are both visual and audible warnings: LEDs blink more rapidly and audible beeps become longer as your car gets closer to an object, beginning at about 5 feet. When you’re down to only about 1.5 feet, the tone and LEDs are continuous. Requires making four holes in your bumper to mount the sensors. Control unit mounts in the trunk, display unit inside the vehicle where it can be seen in your rearview mirror. No external power necessary, as the system is powered by your car’s wiring. Read more

Modify Your Driving Habits and Save Gas!

December 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Gas costs too much to waste any. Plug this little display into the OBD II plug of your car and monitor in real time what mileage you are getting. You can use the instant MPG number to modify your driving habits, with the goal of getting your average to as high a number as possible. There’s also a graphical representation of recent fuel mileage so you can see at a glance how you’re doing. Become a hypermiler – see how high you can get your mileage.

Linear-Logic SGE ScanGaugeE Fuel Economy GaugeSave as much as 33% on your fuel bill
You will have a real-time, instantaneous display of the MPG you are getting as you drive, and you can use the graph function to make it easier to see. When you can instantly see how your driving can affect your mileage, you can make adjustments and form new habits.

Track your fuel cost
Enter the price and gallons each time you fill up and the ScanGaugeE will calculate miles-per-gallon, gallons-per-hour, trip fuel used, trip fuel cost, and today’s fuel cost.

Monitor your carbon footprint
Displays your carbon output in real time. View current CO₂, trip CO₂, day’s total CO₂, and total CO₂ for this tank.

Simple installation
Installs in seconds with no tools! Plug the cable into your OBD II port, plug the display to the cable, and stick it with the Velcro™ to your steering column, console, or dashboard. No external power is required.

Customizable backlight
Choose from 7 preset colors, or mix your own from more than 60 combinations. Choose high, low, or off for the light intensity.

Scan tool (Check Engine codes)
A simple button press will display any diagnostic codes that caused your Check Engine to go on. Look up the code number in a service manual or on the internet so you will know what needs to be fixed. After repairs, use the ScanGaugeE to reset the light. If you do your own repairs, this could save you more than the cost of the ScanGaugeE using it just one time! Read more

Be Alerted to Dangerous Smoke in Your HVAC Ducts

December 3, 2011 Leave a comment

APC SL-2000-N Duct-Mounted Smoke Detector
Your heating and air conditioning system does a great job of moving air throughout your home – but what if there’s a system malfunction or a fire? You don’t want your HVAC system spreading the smoke and combustion gasses to other areas, you want the system to shut down and notify you. This in-duct smoke detector will do just that. Using a sampling tube, it constantly tests the air inside your HVAC system, looking for smoke and combustion gasses. When everything is normal, there’s a flashing green LED on the unit. When it detects these harmful elements, it lights a red LED and energizes its two relay outputs. One can be connected to a strobe light or siren, and one can be used to shut down your HVAC system.

  • Detects smoke, other products of combustion in duct systems
  • Multi voltage: 24, 115, & 230VAC, 24VDC
  • Two NO/NC, one NO relay outputs
  • One NO/NC trouble relay output
  • LED indicators
  • Effective even at low flow velocity

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