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Sensor can Automatically Activate an Emergency Dialer when an Alarm or Siren is Detected

November 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Skylink Technologies, Inc. AS-433E Audio Alarm Sensor




  • Can be used as a standalone device or in conjunction with a SkylinkHome security system
  • Can be connected with other security systems using a N/C (Normally Closed) connector
  • Wireless transmission range of up to 100 feet
  • 9V alkaline battery included



The Skylink AS-433E Audio Alarm Sensor is designed to detect sound frequency from the siren of your existing security system. Once the siren goes off, the Audio Sensor will be activated and therefore triggers the emergency dialer (AD-433S) by sending a radio frequency (RF) signal or through hardwire connection. The Audio Sensor is designed to recognize only the siren from your existing security system, therefore it will not pick up any background noise
if the sensor is installed properly. The sensor can also work in conjunction with all of
the SkylinkHome receivers that incorporate the Rolling Code Technology (Security Control Panel SC-001, Emergency Dialer AD-1010, Audio Alarm AA-433, and Silent Alarm SW-433).

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Start Your Car with Your iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry

September 30, 2011 Leave a comment

Viper VSM5000 SmartStart Security and Remote Start System



  • Remote starting system combined with an advanced security system
  • Use your smart phone to control yor car
  • Works with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, and BlackBerry
  • Warm up your car while you eat breakfast
  • Receive an alert on your phone if the security system is triggered
  • SmartPark can guide you to your parked car
  • Viper Motor Club roadside assistance plan
  • Requires a service plan


Get rid of that alarm key fob dangling on your key chain. You always carry your phone, so why not use it to start your car and unlock the doors? Just call up the app on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, or BlackBerry and you can start your car by pushing a button on your phone. And you can do more than merely start the car: arm/disarm its security system, pop the trunk, or use the panic button to find your car in a parking lot. Viper is famous for advanced car security systems, and the VSM5000 does not disappoint. Use SmartStart to warm up or cool down your car before getting in. You can even set up multiple cars in one phone so you can have the same control over your entire fleet from just your one phone.

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Keep Tabs on Your Home with this Long Range Door and Window Sensor

June 20, 2011 Leave a comment

Skylink household Alert WD-434TL Long Range Wireless Door/Window Sensor

  • Alerts you when a door or window is open
  • Battery included
  • Range up to 800′

Get the peace of mind you deserve from the knowledge that you’ll be notified immediately should a door or window be opened surreptitiously in your home. The Long Range Door/Window Sensor works by sending a wireless signal to the Household Alert Receiver (sold separately), which in turn notifies you immediately of the breach with both audio and visual indicators.

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