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Control Somfy RTS Shades from this Convenient Wall Switch

September 17, 2010 Leave a comment

Somfy 1811071 DecoFlex Wireless RTS 3 Channel Wall Switch - White

Somfy 1810897 DecoFlex Wireless RTS 3 Channel Wall Switch may be personalized for intuitive control of three window coverings or three groups of window coverings. Up, down and stop functions and channel button that can be programmed for your favorites. “Stop” button stops the shade when it is in motion. When the shade is stopped, the “Stop” button brings the shade to the programmed favorite position. Can be installed independently or next to an existing light switch. Comes with wall mounting bracket, blank channel buttons, stick on channel button labels, and wall plate.

  • 3 Channel, Battery Operated, Wireless (RTS) Wall-Switch
  • Compatible with all Somfy (RTS) Motors and Devices
  • Completely wireless, therefore no electrician is needed
  • Installs in minutes either independently or next to an existing light switch
  • Compatible with RTS family of motors
  • Operates motorized window coverings within a range of 65 ft.
  • Price: $158.99
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    The Most Advanced Remote Control Dimmer Available

    September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

    SwitchLinc - INSTEON Remote Control Dimmer (Dual-Band), Black

    This high-tech yet easy to use dimmer takes your home into the future by giving you the ability to set the speed at which the light fades On and Off, a preset on-level for always remembering your favorite brightness level and best of all being able to remotely control the dimmer from a handheld remote, wall keypad, computer or mobile phone (controllers are sold separately). With high-end quality, at-a-glance LED status and remote controllability, you’ll see how easy it is to create your own home of the future.

    Similar to the best selling SwitchLinc Dimmer, this newest member of the SwitchLinc family has the ability to communicate using both the electrical wires in the home as well as using radio frequency (RF). This increases reliability not only for the dimmer but for all devices on an INSTEON home control network (similar to the function of an Access Point).

    The SwitchLinc installs like a traditional wall switch with the exception of requiring connection to neutral. Most homes have a neutral wire available (see How to check if I have neutral wires?). Once installed setup is quick and easy using a simple Plug-n-Tap programming.

  • Control this dimmer remotely from anywhere
  • Programmable on-level and fade on/off speed
  • Featuring dual-band INSTEON technology for the fastest and most reliable performance
  • Doubles as an Access Point
  • Price: $64.99
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    Energy-Saving and Insulating Seal for Your Whole House Attic Fan Shutter

    September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

    Battic Door SSSM Whole House Fan Shutter Seal, Small

    There are often gaps between your shutter and the whole house fan. In the winter, heated air can escape your home through these gaps, while the cold outside air flows right in. Then in the summer, hot air will seep into your house, costing you more to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Allowing constant air transfer can also contribute to ice dams and attic mold, costing you even more money in repairs.

    The Battic Door Whole House Fan Shutter Seal installs in minutes to cover and seal the shutter, blocking the transfer of air and moisture. It also prevents the entry of noise, attic dust, pollutants, insects, and rodents into the living area and attic. Attached to the fan shutter with Velcro, this seal can easily be taken off at any time.

    The seal’s insulation is made of a durable, non-toxic, space-age foam, only 3/16″ thick, yet has an R-value of R-8. The foam air seals and insulates the attic fan, stopping heating and cooling loss and air leaks. The insulation is a Class A/Class 1 fire rated foam with superior thermal performance. No fiberglass – no itching.

    These seals are also available in medium and large sizes, each sold separately. Each seal can also be cut for an exact fit for your shutter size.

  • Seals around the attic fan shutter to reduce drafts and save energy
  • Restores insulation that was removed from your ceiling when the house fan was installed
  • Fits up to 36″ x 48″ shutters
  • Can be trimmed for a perfect fit for your shutter
  • Installs in minutes and is easily removed
  • Price: $47.00
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    Automatically Turns Off Wired-In Appliances

    September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

    Woods 59718 60 Minute Spring Wound Timer, Light Almond

    This 60-min countdown timer will limit the running time of exhaust fans, lights, bathroom heat lamps, whole house fans and more. Now you can leave the bathroom exhaust fan running to reduce moisture and exit the room; the fan will automatically turn off at the set time (up to 60 minutes later). Or connect this timer to light or heat lamps and cut down on energy and bulb usage.

  • Automatically shuts off connected appliances up to 60 minutes later
  • Compatible with fluorescent bulbs
  • Price: $11.92
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    Turns Outdoor Appliances On and Off at the Same Time Everyday

    September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

    Woods 59204 Outdoor 24 Hour Mechanical Timer

    Wish your outdoor porch lamps would automatically turn on when it starts getting dark? Or would you like to have your misters come at hours when temperatures are at their highest? With the Woods 59204 Outdoor 24 Hour Mechanical Timer you can put your outdoor plug-in appliances on a daily schedule.

    Devices can be programmed to turn on or off at certain times of the day, with up to 48 settings per day. Programming is simple – all you have to do is push the NEVER-LOSE pins in towards the center dial. Timed settings will repeat every day and can be easily overridden.

  • Program up to 48 settings per day
  • NEVER-LOSE pins stay in place
  • Price: $11.38
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