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Save Money with a Detergentless Laundry System

November 11, 2013 Leave a comment

Wash It Detergentless Laundry System

  • Infuses washing machine water with the 5 most powerful oxidizers known to man
  • Eliminates the need for hot water when doing laundry
  • Eliminates the need for laundry detergent, bleach and fabric softener
  • Saves money and the environment with every load of laundry
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Same cleaning technology used in many top hospitals and hotels
  • “Top Pick” award from SkyMall at National Hardware Show

Save money and completely eliminate the need for laundry detergent, bleach and fabric softeners! The Wash It Detergentless Laundry System cleans laundry with the use of powerful oxidizers and is the same system used by many hospitals and hotels! Wash It is a revolutionary new cleaning product that installs between the water pipe and your washing machine so that incoming cold water must pass through the Wash It. When turning on your washing machine to run a cycle, groundbreaking Wash It technology infuses the incoming cold water with powerful oxidizers. The water that will then be used in the washing machine has now been treated with the five most effective oxidizers that are known to man which will ensure your laundry gets a deep clean. The technology used in the Wash It System is the same used in many top hospitals and hotels to deep clean dirty laundry. Get it now for $132 off! Read More

Announcing Our Touchfire Tablet Keyboard Giveaway!

November 11, 2013 1 comment

Touchfire Tablet Keyboard Giveaway

When you place any order today through November 15th, 2013 for $300 or more and you’ll be entered in our Touchfire Tablet Keyboard giveaway! Good luck! Start shopping now


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