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Pool Safety 101 – 7 Ways to Make Sure your Pool is Child Proof

August 23, 2013 Leave a comment

Pool safety is extremely important, especially when there are small children present. We’ve got a few ideas and solutions for parents and families who worry about the possibility of their children accidentally falling into the pool when no one is around. Here are a few safety precautions to consider:

1. Hot Tubs may be small, but they are still dangerous to unmonitored children. Regardless of the size of the pool or hot tub, they still present a risk when it comes to small children.

2. NEVER “step away” and leave children unmonitored in the water – even for 1 minute. Things can go wrong in a matter of seconds and it is important that a responsible adult be present at all times when children are in the pool.

3. Use devices that can detect if something (or someone) has fallen into the pool and will immediately notify you with a loud alarm like the AquaGuard Pool Alarm System or the Safety Turtle Base with Wrist Band.

AquaGuard Pool Alarm System

Safety Turtle Base with Wrist Band

4. The old “No running” rule still stands. Keeping the pool area mellow significantly reduces the risk of accidentally falling into the pool. Making sure things stay calm around the pool area avoids the risk of a child slipping on the wet ground and possible falling into the pool unintentionally or accidentally bumping another child into the pool.

5. Make sure your children know to only swim when a lifeguard or a responsible adult is watching.

6. Keep a locked, sturdy fence around the pool area so that children cannot wander over to the pool without the guidance of an adult. A Wireless Gate Alarm Transmitter works with the Safety Turtle Base Station and will sound if the gate that it is installed in gets opened and the Yardlock Keyless Wood Gate Combination Lock Kit will ensure that no one without the gate code can enter the pool area.

AquaGuard Pool Alarm System

AquaGuard Pool Alarm System

7. Check the checklist to be sure that your pool area meets all of the CSPC safety guidelines.

Keep your home clean with a state of the art cleaning iRobot Vacuum

August 1, 2013 2 comments

iRobot R630020 Roomba 630 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

The iRobot Roomba 630 Series provides a superior cleaning experience to your home. Imagine being away from home and having the comfort of knowing your home is being monitored and cleaned by an automatic iRobot. This advanced technology enables you to set specific times for the Roomba to begin navigating through your home and start cleaning. The Roomba vacuums your carpet, tile, laminate, and hard floors whenever you can’t. The Roomba picks up any unwanted fibers like pet hair, dirt, debris, lint, and carpet fuzz while navigating through your home floors. Its acoustic sensors make it easier to make multiple passes to find and clean the dirtiest part of your home. The Roomba also returns itself to its home base to dock and recharge between cleanings so you don’t ever have to worry about having to charge it before you leave your home. The iRobot Roomba 630 vacuum is an ideal gadget for your home that gives you a truly hassle free cleaning experience from beginning to end.

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