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Covert Camera Hidden within a Cute and Cuddly Teddy Bear

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SleuthGear SC7002 Xtreme Life Teddy Bear CameraThe Xtreme Life Teddy Bear Camera from SleuthGear features a covert hidden camera but will appear as simple child’s stuffed animal to others. The camera within the Teddy Bear’s belly secretly records from the stuffed animals button-tie in 720×480 resolution and video is stored on an included 2GB SD card. However, the memory storage capacity is compatible with up to a 16GB SD card (sold separately) should more recording space be desired. One ideal use for the Teddy Bear Camera is as a nanny or baby camera to help keep an eye on your child and their caregiver when you’re not around. This helps to let you know if they are getting the proper attention and care needed or if they are being neglected as soon as you’re out of the house/room. It can be set to continuously record, activate only upon motion detection or overwrite which will simply record over the oldest saved material when available memory runs out. The Xtreme Life Teddy Bear Camera operates wirelessly and its battery can be recharged via an included AC charging adapter. When fully charged the battery can last for up to 20 hours in continuous recording or as long as a year in standby mode. Trying to figure out how large a memory card would be needed for your application? The Teddy Bear Camera can record roughly 40 minutes of video per GB of memory.
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Mini Camera Quickly Mounts to a Window to Record Audio, Video or Snap Images

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KJB Security DV100 Gripper CamThe Gripper Cam from KJB Security is a mini surveillance camera that can be suction cup mounted at a moments notice. The camera monitor is 1″ x 1″ and can record video, audio or snap still images; it can also be set to motion detection mode which will only activate the video camera when it senses movement. Video, audio and images can all be played back directly from the monitor to quickly view captured material as well as transferred to a computer via USB cable (included) or micro SD adapter. The Gripper Cam can support up to an 8GB micro SD card, sold separately. The camera has a built-in battery that will last up to 2 hours and can be charged through a USB connection or AC charger (included). It records with a resolution of 640×480 pixels and has a zoom feature.
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