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Get Your Grill On!-Last Minute Gift Ideas For Dad

Product Title (In box)

Just when you thought a simple grilling device couldn’t get high-tech, along comes the Parasia International E577BBQ Digital BBQ Tongs. With these digital tongs, you’ll never undercook a steak, burger, chicken breast, or any other kind of barbequed meat again! These tongs will eliminate the guessing games, and the days of charring meats or leaving them raw on one side are over; simply let the Parasia International Digital BBQ Tongs do all of the work for you.

These innovative BBQ tongs are more than just your average BBQ tongs with a LED display, a built –in thermometer is equipped at the tips to ensure you the correct temperature of meat within 5 seconds. So in case you are wondering if the burgers, steaks or chicken really are cooked all the way through just listen to the tongs. Especially, if you don’t want to keep checking every few minutes, you can even set the tongs for a preset temperature. Once the meat hits that magical number, the tongs will actually tell you with a chimed alarm, when the meat is cooked to your satisfying preference.

In fact, it has seven preset meat types and one custom setting. Minimize the risk of those terrifying health problems from eating undercooked foods once and for all! Not only does it come with a backlit LCD display, but it also includes an LED flashlight function, so you can still see what you’re doing or grilling at night.

Here’s why no BBQ enthusiast should be without the Digital Thermometer BBQ Tongs:

• Built-in thermometer reads meat temperature within 5 seconds
• Audible alarm lets you know when the preset temperature is attained
• Bright, white LED flashlight make it perfect for day or night barbeques
• LCD display detaches for easy cleaning
• Dishwasher safe

What’s Included
• 1x – Digital BBQ Tongs

Grilling Gadgets Galore

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