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Reduce Cooking Time by 70% by Using a Pressure Cooker

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Using an Electric Pressure Cooker can reduce cooking time by as much as 70% without compromising the flavors of the food making it a convenient solution for those short on time to dedicate towards cooking. Pressure cooking can reduce meal cooking times by as much as 70% because the tight fitting lid prevents steam from leaving and uses it to directly heat the surface of the food so that it cooks faster. By not allowing the built up steam to leave it also creates higher cooking temperatures that help to reduce the amount of time taken to cook the food. Cooking food in this fashion retains the valuable water-soluble vitamins and minerals lost in the steam during regular cooking. Unlike a traditional pressure cooker this one does not need a stove top to provide it with he at.

How pressure cooking works:
Fagor 670041460 6qt Electric Pressure Cooker

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Simple Eye Massager Aids in the Relief of Eye Strain with Nine Levels of Vibration

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Breo iSee108 Eye Massager
Eye strain can be a seriously exhausting and annoying thing to deal with. Just about every thing we do these days involves having to stare at some kind of screen such as your mobile phone or LCD screen at work. Breo makes relaxing easy by delivering a unique way of handling such bodily nuisances with the iSee108 Eye Massager. This comfy mask is like a pillow for the area around your eyes with built in abilities to help erase those dark circles caused by eye strain. The iSee108 brings to your eyes the power of massage with up to nine levels of vibration which increases the oxygen supply to your eyes improving overall blood circulation and aiding in a much more enjoyable day and happier life.

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Premium Quality Enclosure as Recognized by the American Kennel Club

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Jewett-Cameron CL 70408 AKC Probreeder Kennel
If you a looking for a professional enclosure for your dog, or other pet, this is the choice for you. The Jewett-Cameron CL 70408 AKC Probreeder Kennel features a commercial grade steel frame, with 8 gauge welded wire mesh and a round tube design. It uses a 2-Step powder coating process for a premium finish resistant to the elements. After welding, the complete panel is coated with zinc enriched primer then powder coated to inhibit rust. Center mesh weld, eliminates sharp edges. All kennels have a safety square corner design and 1″ raised legs for easy cleaning to help prevent bacteria build-up. All kennels include a lockable, dog-safe latch.
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Automatically Closes Garage when Left Open and Grants Entrance via Fingerprint or Numeric Code

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Xceltronix i-touch/autocloser i-Touch with Autocloser KitThe i-Touch with Autocloser Kit from Xceltronix is designed to provide increased home security as well as added ease for users and guests to enter their home through the garage. The kit consists of 2 main components, an i-Touch biometric fingerprint scanner and a garage door Autocloser which will shut a garage door automatically when it is left open longer than a pre-set amount of time. The i-Touch device is capable of learning up to 30 different fingerprints as well as 30 different numeric access codes and mounts to the garage door frame with or without an existing gang box. It grants keyless access to pre-approved users that have been given a numeric access code or have their fingerprint saved in the i-Touch database. The Autocloser, which the i-Touch connects to, is what opens and closes the garage door automatically and it is powered by a 9Vdc power supply which is included with the purchase. With an Autocloser users will have peace of mind to know that their garage door will never be accidentally left open all day or night because a pre-set time limit will automatically close it when left open.
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