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Shatter-Resistant Sea Horse Mirror Livens Up Any Children’s Room

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Children's Factory CF332-543 Sea Me Sea Horse Mirror



  • Made of flexible PET material
  • Shatter-resistant and safe
  • Lightweight
  • Edges are laser cut and smooth
  • Fun addition to any child’s room




The Sea Me Sea Horse Mirror from Children’s Factory is a great way to create some excitement and liven up any child’s room. Constructed in the shape of a Sea Horse this mirror will reflect back all that is in front of it and is designed to aide in the development of a child’s sense of curiosity while at the same time help them build self awareness. The mirror, itself, is made of shatter-resistant PET material that is lightweight and flexible to prevent breaking and the edges are laser cut so they are smooth and safe. The Sea Me Sea Horse Mirror is lightweight and will mount easily to a wall or door. This mirror can be combined with other Sea Me Mirrors, each sold separately, to create a full ocean theme on the walls of a room. Read More

Gel Cleaner Safely Removes Dirt, Dust, and Smudges From LCD, Plasma & Laptop Screens

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Plasma/LCD TV Ultra Gel Cleaner
Clean your plasma or LCD TV without damaging the screen. The Plasma/LCD TV Ultra Gel Cleaner is designed specifically for use on these delicate screens: Remove dust, dirt and smudges without damaging the display. The alcohol-free gel is safe for use on sensitive electronics.

The Plasma/LCD TV Ultra Gel Cleaner is safe to spray directly onto large screens; for small screens, spray onto the included washable, anti-static cleaning cloth. An extra cleaning cloth is included inside the easy-grip wide handle. Keep your LCD or plasma screen looking fresh for optimal viewing. This gel cleaner also works on portable DVD players and laptop computers.
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A Convention Oven and Microwave, All in One Sleek Appliance

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Half Time Oven HC-34-CTB UltraSpeed 4x Countertop Oven, Black




  • Uses 75% less energy than a gas or electric oven
  • 4 times the cooking speed than a gas or electric oven
  • Up to 80% more cooking power than a microwave
  • 4 cooking modes
  • Auto-calibration of cook time


In this fast paced day-in-age it’s hard to find the time to cook an elaborate meal, so settling for something quick to throw in the microwave is routine and typically not too satisfying. If you think about it everything else around us has sped up so why not our ability to cook a good meal quickly? This problem has now been solved with the UltraSpeed 4x Countertop Oven from Half Time Oven. The UltraSpeed Oven cooks meals up to 4 times faster than they would in a gas or electric oven while at the same time also using 75% less energy to do so. Simply put you get a well cooked, oven quality meal in a quarter of the time while also saving money by using less energy in the process. The UltraSpeed Oven is able to do this because it offers up to 1,900 watts of microwave cooking power and 2,000 watts of grilling power which is as much as 80% more than microwave. It has 4 cook power settings which are UltraSpeed, Grilling Power, Convection Power and Microwave Power. UltraSpeed cooks with 1,900 watts, Grilling Power uses 2,000 watts, Convection Power has 1,600 watts and finally Microwave Power cooks with 1,000 watts.

The UltraSpeed 4x Countertop Oven is not only convenient but is also easy to use. No need to worry about adjusting cook times or settings in your head because the ovens electronic brain will do this for you automatically. Simply enter in the normal cook settings that would be used for your meal and the oven will automatically adjust them to the correct 4x settings.   Read More

Spring Clearance! Take Advantage of Great Savings!

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Professional Alarm Monitoring for Only $8.95 a Month!

March 28, 2012 1 comment

Installing your own alarm system? After investing in the equipment and spending hours installing and programming it, why settle for a system that only sounds the siren and upsets your neighbors? For only $8.95 a month, you can have your self-installed system monitored 24/7 by a professional central station that can dispatch the police, fire department, or medical aid when there’s an emergency at your home. Yet unlike other, more expensive monitoring services, this security monitoring requires no multi-year contracts, no credit reports, and no hassles.

The Ultimate in Home Safety

Possibly the most important part of any home security system is professional 24-hour security monitoring for rapid emergency response. Don’t rely upon neighbors to call police. Only professional security monitoring can guarantee that fire and paramedics will be alerted when an alarm is triggered. And alarm monitoring doesn’t have to break your budget.

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