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Versatile Loudspeaker Performs Well for Background Music and Home Theater Applications

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Product Title (In box)Niles Multi-Purpose audio loudspeakers are optimal for distributed audio applications. Whether you are listening to background talk radio or a complete orchestra, Niles CM series speakers deliver optimal performance and reliability.

Precision tuned and voiced fixed woofer ceiling-mount loudspeakers provide graduated performance for all types of applications. Integrated woofer/baffle design delivers greater low frequency response by employing a larger 8-inch woofer where competitive models of the same outer size employ only 6 1/2-inch woofers in the same size speaker installation. The Polypropylene cone is light, strong and well damped to provide best in class bass response. A 1-inch fluid-cooled UltraSilk soft-dome tweeter provides for clear and detailed high frequency response. There is also a proprietary bridge-mounted tweeter-adjustment mechanism focuses the high frequency sound in any direction up to 20° without diffraction. Three patent-pending spring tensioned mounting clamps permit quick installation and compensate for uneven mounting surfaces and varied environmental conditions. Weather-resistant construction and a MicroThin magnetically attached rust-resistant grille enables installation in moist areas, such as bathrooms or outdoors under eaves. Read more

A Personal Fireplace That is Perfect for Entertaining Indoors and Out

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Real Flame 501S Zen Personal Fireplace - Stainless Steel Finish
The Real Flame 501A Zen Personal Fireplace is a tabletop personal fireplace that is perfect for entertaining indoors and out. The Zen comes complete with base, decorative tumbled rock, stainless steel burn cup, and scraper/snuffer tool. This product uses Real Flame Pour Gel Fuel.

This product is also available in copper finish and rust color finish, each sold separately.

Why Real Flame?
Real Flame allows you to enjoy a warm, cozy fire in any room of your home without the hassle or expense of traditional fireplaces. No chimney or expenses gas hook-ups are required. With over 30 styles and finishes to choose from, there’s a Real Flame fireplace designed to match your décor. Choose from a wide variety of indoor, outdoor and accessory items. Read more

Turn Inside Lights On or Off With Your Garage Door Remote Opener

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Chamberlain CLLA1 Clicker-Compatible Remote Light ControlAutomatic garage door openers add convenience and peace of mind since they prevent your having to exit the car in order to obtain access to your home. But once inside, you still have to enter a dark house, right? Not any more. The Clicker-Compatible Remote Light Control lets you turn on a light in your house from the convenience and safety of your car. Using the Clicker Universal Garage Door Remote (sold separately), you’ll be able to program the second button on your garage door opener to turn on a light, so you don’t have to worry about tripping on your way into your home.

The Clicker-Compatible Remote Light Control plugs into any wall outlet and can be used with any lighting fixture that utilizes incandescent or halogen light bulbs up to 600 watts maximum. With a special learning button, the light controller automatically learns the remote code transmitted by the Clicker, so there’s no actual programming required.

It is not recommended that you use the Clicker-Compatible Remote Light Control with fluorescent bulbs.

Additional products from the Chamberlain family of garage gadgets include the Universal Garage Door Surge Suppressor, which protects your garage door opener system in the event of a lightning strike or power surge. Know that your garage door is definitely down with the Universal Garage Door Monitor, which provides a visual alert if the largest door to your home is wide open. These products are sold separately.

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Tame the Clutter in Your Glove Box

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Hopkins Manufacturing GBOX GoGear Glove Box Wallet
We all have this problem: we try to get the clutter off the floor of our car and instead we end up stashing it away in the glove box. Then we find ourselves having a hard time closing the glove box because of all the little items that we think are so important (even though we have never used it before, but hey it may come in handy). Especially those mounds of napkins we insist on saving from every trip to the fast food drive thru. All of these miscellaneous items tend to add up and may be hindering our access to those important items that we keep for emergencies, such as a flash light. With this glove box wallet it can keep all of your clutter in one place, in a neat small and compact wallet that is easy to use. It can hold your napkins and important vehicle papers all in one place. You can organize registration papers, insurance and business cards, license and more with this glove box wallet. It also has a bonus pockets for mini flashlight and tire gauge.

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Innovative Utensil Significantly Reduces Prep Time for Smashing

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Joseph Joseph SMG011HC Smasher Pump-Action Potato Masher - GreenThe Joseph JosephSmasher Pump-Action Potato Masher was designed to speed up the mashing process, the Smasher cups and traps the potato firmly in place while its unique pump-action makes short work of the mashing. Also perfect for puréeing other kinds of cooked vegetables and soft fruits. The strong pump-action returns the mashing plate to the top position and helps decrease the mashing process time. This product is dishwasher safe.

Joseph Joseph SMG011HC Smasher Pump-Action Potato Masher - Green

    • Hanging hole
    • Ergonomic handle
    • Stainless steel spring
    • Toughened nylon head
    • Mashing plate
    • Capture ring

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