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Eliminate 75.4% of Viruses and 22.5% of Mold in Just 2 Hours

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The AirTamer AF-1620AM adds an extra level of protection from harmful airborne irritants such as viruses and molds. Additionally, it helps eliminate stubborn odors and the harsh chemical fumes released into the air by cleaning chemicals and many synthetic materials around the home.

  • Activated carbon material with antibacterial coating eliminates 75.4% of viruses and 22.5% of mold in just 2 hours
  • Eliminates stubborn odors and removes harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as chemical fumes created by household cleansers ans synthetic materials
  • 3 month filter life
  • Easily attaches to any AirTamer or other brand of filter
  • Made with USA materials
  • Fits all A600 to A790 series AirTamer models
  • Contains Two (2) Filters

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Space Saving Food Dispenser

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Product Title (In box)Keep dry goods within reach and your space clutter-free with SmartSpace Triple Dispenser Wall Mount. This unique product has a set of three canisters with integrated measuring cups that allow you to dispense food with precision. The food remains fresh with the airtight technology and is perfect for coffee, cereal, pasta, and more. The three containers mount onto a stainless steel bracket, allowing you to strategically place these items in the most convenient space in your kitchen.

  • Wall-mounted canister set leaves kitchen counter clear
  • Canisters have integrated measuring cups for dispensing exact amounts
  • Airtight canisters preserve dry good freshness
  • As seen in the October ’07 issue of Real Simple Magazine

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Caffeine Mints with a Kick

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Save money and bypass the coffee shop on the way to work. If you are in need of an instant boost, reach for FOOSH™ caffeine mints. They contain the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, tea, or energy drink while freshening your breath at the same time. Sugar-free FOOSH Energy Mints contain a power-packed blend of caffeine, ginseng, taurine, and five B vitamins. No chilling, no heating, no spilling! Just a burst of energy in a minty treat. This dispenser box contains 12 tins of 12 caffeinated mints.

Made with real peppermint, FOOSH Energy Mints contain a proprietary blend of energy-producing ingredients, which stimulate your metabolism and sharpen that edge to get you through your day. Each FOOSH mint contains 25 percent more caffeine than an entire can of Red Bull™, and unlike energy drinks and coffee, tiny FOOSH Energy Mints don’t have to be kept hot or cold, and the tiny tins fit perfectly in a purse or pocket. FOOSH Energy Mints are perfect for students, sports enthusiasts, drivers or anyone who needs a sudden burst of energy! Read more

Calling All Cooks

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Those who love spending time in the kitchen know how valuable kitchen counter real estate is. If you frequently use spices but do not have the space to keep bulky spice racks, a great option is the Auto-Measure Spice Carousel Pro. Each carousel is stackable, can be easily mounted under kitchen cabinets or shelves, and can fit in cupboards or on countertops. The innovative design is both functional and attractive, allowing for easy access to 12 of your favorite spices. The Auto-Measure technology even dispenses the spices in precise 1/4 tsp. measurements. No measuring spoons required. Simply find the spice you need, remove the individual compartment and twist the dial for a perfect measurement. Every carousel contains 12 removable spice containers, with a holding capacity of approximately 1/3 cup of content. In the mood for a little freestyle? Each container is also built with a convenient shaker top and a large opening for volume pouring, allowing you to control flavor intensity.  Included with the Auto-Measure Spice Carousel Pro are 50 pre-printed spice labels and 5 blank labels. Spice racks are available in either white or stainless steel.
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Pet Door Fits Snugly into Sliding Patio Door Frames and Can Only Be Used By Your Pets

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With minimal installation effort, you can install this pet door into your patio door frame to grant your pet the freedom to wander in and out of the house. This automatic pet door is designed to fit right into the track of your sliding doors. A spring loaded top automatically adjusts to the door’s height, making it perfect for just about any size door. All required hardware is included to keep the door firmly in place. An included insulation kit allows helps prevent drafts from the automatic pet door. The door is powered by the included AC adapter. You can even install an optional rechargeable backup battery, sold separately, to keep your door powered in the event of a power outage.

Once installed, the door will operate so quietly, you probably won’t even notice when it is in use. The pet door only grants entry or exit to pets wearing programmed transmitter collars in order to keep out strays and other undesirable animals. You can even limit your pet’s access in and out of the house with four access modes – full access, in only, out only, or locked. The collar features directional sensing to prevent false triggering. Your pet must be headed straight for the door for it to open. If your pet walks by or is lying in front of the door it will not open. Indoor and outdoor activation distances can also be easily adjusted. Read more


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