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An Easy Way to Remote-Control Any of Your Indoor Lighting or Appliances

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Sylvania SA 500 Wireless Indoor Plug-In Remote Control System, 1,000 Watts



  • Remote plug-in receiver features a grounded outlet
  • Channel selection dial allows the control of multiple receivers from one transmitter
  • Radio Frequency (RF) offers wireless communication up to 80 feet away
  • Wirelessly communicates through doors, walls, and windows
  • Eliminates wasteful stand-by power


The Sylvania Wireless RF Remote Control System is an easy-to-use lighting or appliance control package, which includes one hand-held Transmitter, and one 1,000-Watt / 8-Amp plug-in Receiver. Providing users with the convenience of wireless control, this system can be expanded to control multiple plug-in Receivers all from the same hand-held Transmitter. The hand-held Transmitter features 3-channels or On/Off pairs (Sometimes referred to as a scene or a zone).The control of additional plug-in Receivers can be set for independent or simultaneous operation using these 3-channels. Each channel can control one plug-in Receiver or multiple plug-in Receivers. With the channel selection feature you no longer have to search for an item with the same exact Radio Frequency (RF) or wireless protocol; making the pairing process from Transmitter to Receiver easier than ever, allowing you take charge of your automation.

Using the channel selector on the Receiver and Transmitter, you will match the Receiver to whichever of the 3 On/Off pairs on the Transmitter you choose; this On/Off pair (assuming it has been dialed to the same channel as the Receiver) will now wirelessly switch On or Off the lighting or appliance plugged in to the Receiver. Wireless RF signals used for communication can travel through doors, walls, and windows offering flexibility regarding the placement of the Receiver. Choose any indoor outlet or receptacle, within 80-feet from where you intend to use the Transmitter, for reliable control of the Receiver. The included Receiver can control lighting or appliance loads up to 1,000 Watts or 8 Amps. This kit will save you money by eliminating current drawn from wasteful “stand-by” power, while providing the convenience of wireless lighting and appliance control.

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Heavy-Duty Timer Provides Automatic Control for 40-Amp Electrical Loads

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Sylvania SA 400 Zip-Set Heavy-Duty Digital Residential / Commercial SPST Dual Voltage Timer, 40 Amps


  • One-step set-up for scheduling lights or appliances
  • Offers 2 On/Off settings
  • Applicable to Industrial applications and heavy loads like electric water heaters, pools, spas, and commercial lighting, and more
  • 7-5-2 format allows you to program based on a full week, a work week, or a weekend
  • Large Illuminated LCD display
  • Heavy duty enclosure with all metal construction
  • Protective cover prevents tampering of scheduling and prevents vandalism


Sylvania has offered the most innovative easy-to-use timer solutions for every Industrial and residential applications around your home. This heavy duty timer has the Zip-Set ability to turn lights on automatically at sunset by simply entering your phones area code. No other timer on the market offers such a simple one-step set-up process. This timer allows you to have 4 independent On/Off settings which can be programmed to operate at 1-minute intervals; capable of controlling either 120VAC electrical systems or 277VAC electrical systems. The change created by Daylight Savings Time (DST) is adjusted by a slide switch housed on the digital timer. The 7-5-2 programming format allows you to choose whether the timer will repeat its cycles 7-days a week, 5-days a week, or for just a 2-day weekend. Additional security for your home is provided by the random switch. This feature will automatically switch the load On and Off at random times, While you are away form the home, to give your home a lived in look. At anytime, each user can override the scheduling, turning the load On or Off using the override switch. Multiple knockouts are provided for easily running wires into the enclosure. Program settings will never be lost due to the battery back-up ( Included) keeping all On/Off times even through brown outs, or black outs, This Timer has simple programming an incredible load capacity and creates svings in energy costs by ensuring devices whith very large electrical loads only run when they are needed or wanted.

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Enjoy a Soothing Neck Massage without Leaving the Comfort of Your Own Home

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Carepeutic KH251 3D Vitality Kneading Neck Massager

  • Relieve pain, fatigue and tension from your neck
  • 2 deep tissue massage heads rotate forwards and backwards
  • Adjustable intensity and mode with remote control
  • Includes adapter for use in car 12V charger
  • Detachable cloth for easy cleaning

Carepeutic KH251 3D Vitality Kneading Neck Massager is equipped with 2 built-in kneading heads that can be set to work in a forward or backwards motion. The forward direction focuses on two acupuncture points which are “Fengchi” and “Tianzhu”. The backwards direction focuses on relaxation of the muscles and for both directions the user can adjust the intensity of the kneading heads. The kneading heads are designed to simulate the human hand’s fingers. A synthetic soft fiber cloth cover on the Neck Massager is detachable making it easy and convenient for cleaning after use. The 3D Vitality Neck Massager comes with an AC adapter for plugging into a wall outlet and also includes a 12V car adapter perfect for use while on those long road trips or stressful drives home. Read more

Turn up the Heat this Winter, and Save Money While Doing it!

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Store Up to 24 Bottles of Wine with 2 Separate Temperature Zones

October 31, 2011 1 comment

If you’re a wine enthusiast then the Dual Zone 24 Bottle Wine Cellar is the product for you! This Wine Cellar from Koolatron has 2 cooling zones that are each independently controlled so different temperatures can be set. The top zone can be set between 45°F – 54°F while the the lower zone can be set between 54°F – 65°F. The electronic temperature control allows the user to easily set their desired storage temperature and the cellar even includes a chart with recommended temperatures depending upon style. The top zone of the Dual Zone Wine Cellar holds up to 8 bottles and the bottom zone can hold up to 16. The built-in soft lighting of this Wine Cellar also makes it a great showpiece for whichever room it is kept in.Koolatron WC24 Dual Zone 24 Bottle Wine Cellar

  • Stores up to 24 bottles of wine
  • Two separate cooling zones with adjustable controls for each
  • Top zone holds 8 bottles and bottom zone holds 16
  • Double tempered glass door
  • Removable stainless steel wine racks

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